Vinusha, Youngest Tie-Member of India


At such a small age how did you develop the interest in baking?

Vinusha Muthuramalingam: When I was 8 years old, I always saw baking and food videos. At the age of 9, I did a cake with my friend for my mother’s birthday. At that time only I came to know how much I loved baking, wanted to do another cake so I called my friend she told it was boring so I did the cake with my mom and I attended many classes to develop my skill in baking. After that, I met a lot of entrepreneurs who were inspired by the end stories so I thought why shouldn’t I start my brand then I started four seasons pastry – I love seasons a lot so incorporated seasons with cupcakes.

How do you manage your study with your passion for baking?

Vinusha Muthuramalingam: I am good at studies so I need not worry about it

How many flavours of cupcake do you make and how do you come up with these flavours?

Vinusha Muthuramalingam: Vanilla chocolate cupcakes but I have a season-themed cupcake like spring means flower, autumn means leaf, summer means sun colour and winter means snowflake. This decoration is on top of the cake which is buttercream.

Please tell us other than baking what do you prefer cooking other than baking?

Vinusha Muthuramalingam: Sandwich, Paneer butter masala, Butter chicken, Burger, Pizza, Garlic bread, Samosa, Puffs, Cauliflower fry, Bread halwa.

How do you feel when people appreciate your work and taste of your cupcake?

Vinusha Muthuramalingam: I feel happy when people appreciate my work and the taste of my cupcake.

Please share with us the best compliment you have received?

Vinusha Muthuramalingam: I got changemakers award from radio city 91.1 and I was invited as a chief guest in WCC college which is a 100+year old college. and I also delivered a speech in various colleges, Stella Maris College is among one of them.

Which is the favourite book you read when it comes to cooking and baking?

Vinusha Muthuramalingam: Indian pantry by Vir Sanghvi and I am an avid reader of Sudha Murthy’s books.

Where did you get the idea of baking?

Vinusha Muthuramalingam: I love seasons a lot so incorporated seasons with cupcakes