Practice is the key to success: Mousumi Chatterjee


Hospibuz: From where did the passion of baking originate and when did you decide to start your own bakery?

Mousumi: As a child, I loved eating cakes baked by my mum. As I kept growing I use to observe my mum very closely while baking cakes and that is how I learnt baking at the age of 10. Since then it was an alternate day activity of mine at home. I loved to share my bakes with my friends and family. Got lots of appreciation from surrounding and one fine day was just browsing through Facebook and found a group where I saw the incredible work of talented bakers. That inspired me to take my love for baking to the next level and took this as a profession in the year May 2017.

Hospibuz: Which is the most loved product of your bakery and please share the best appreciation you have received from a customer?

Mousumi: Decadent Belgium chocolate cake with salted caramel and roasted almonds is most loved by my clients.

Once I have received an order from a client who was very particular about the taste of the cake. After placing an order from me he said that he has never tasted such an amazing cake to date and not a bit of cake was left out at the party. He would love to take franchise of my cakes If I plan to expand my business. That was something very touching.

Hospibuz: Kindly tell us, which cake you’re most proud of?

Mousumi: There are many cakes which I am proud of but to select one out of all would be the 12 ” tall cage cake which I decorated in just 2 hrs. with all detailings.

Hospibuz: How did you develop the skills for cake figures?

Mousumi: Practice is the key to success. As I love to do a lot of craftwork. This has helped me in enhancing my skills in cake figures.

Hospibuz: Describe your most challenging baking project. How did you overcome it?

Mousumi: The most challenging baking project was to make mount Kailash cake. It was a huge and heavy cake with lots of curves and bumps, which required carving and sturdy structure. It was very difficult to drape the cake in fondant but with God’s grace, I was able to pull it off.