A Moment of Sweet Success


Can you tell us about how you fell in love with baking and how did you begin to transition that into your career? 

Madhur Sachan:- Baking was absolutely new to me. Around 2 years back when I took a break from my 8+ years of corporate career, I tried my hands on baking. With multiple trials of recipes, i started to get the hang of baking. People loved my baked goodies and that was a pure joy to experience. I have been baking professionally for a while now. 

As a home baker what challenges you face & what is baking to you? 

Madhur Sachan:- The expectation is a huge challenge for a home baker in terms of outcome. People want nothing but the best in terms of quality, taste and design. It’s a challenge for a home baker to make people understand why a freshly home-baked cake is better than a commercial bakery. 

Baking is an art to me. I spend hours and hours with each cake to craft it to perfection. 

Can you please share one cooking tip with our readers? 

Madhur Sachan:- Always use the best quality ingredients. It makes a huge difference to the taste of any recipe. 

Your atelier name is The MadOven… what is the reason behind this name? 

Madhur Sachan:- Our thoughts behind was that one can come to The MadOven and ask for any kind of baked item. You name it we bake it. Its the crazy Oven which can bake anything asked for in style and with love 


When you’re not at work, where do you go for great pastry? 

Madhur Sachan:- ITC Kohinoor. They make amazing desserts 

What effect does baking have in your life and do you recommend creating a future in baking?

Madhur Sachan:- Baking made me more ambitious. It brought the artist out of me. Today Confectionery has taken a new dimension in terms of career. My advice is to do what makes you happy and proud. If you can do it professionally even better be it baking or anything else. 

How important are food colour and sugar paste for a baker for baking and cake styling? 

Madhur Sachan:- Food colour and sugar paste let your inner artist express the creative ideas. These two things make a home baker different from a commercial bakery. A commercial bakery can hire people to follow the instructions and produce in bulk but they cannot hire an artist who crafts each cake as a personal project. 

How important is the taste of the cake as compared to the design of the cake? 

Madhur Sachan:- Taste is really important in a cake. For once the design can be secondary but if the taste is compromised it literally leaves a bitter taste. Its an old saying, “you reach a person’s heart through their taste buds”

What is the most unique flavour or bakery dish you are serving to your customers?

Madhur Sachan:- My signature Chocolate mousse cake. It is loved and cherished by both kids and adults. And my selection of the best quality ingredients makes me stand apart from the other bakers.