A Show-Stopping Cake


Can you walk us through your journey of Baking and for how long have you been baking? 

Archana-Bagri:- As a school kid, I was passionate about cooking. After marriage cooking, different kinds of cuisines became my favourite past time. The whole experience of baking – the measurement of ingredients, the sieving,    The mixing, the batter and the rising was enjoyed by me and so I developed an interest in this field. I started baking cakes for family occasions and friends gathering where I received a lot of appreciation. My friends and family motivated me to do it professionally and my Son made a Facebook page      

For my creations. That’s how Sinful Desserts was born in 2016. The first cake I made for a huge gathering was a friends bachelor party where the cake was Finished in minutes.  Slowly I started receiving orders for baking cakes from close family and friends and it all began. I joined a few professional cake decorating classes and slowly the popularity spread by word of mouth.        

What is your personal favourite cake to make? 

Archana-Bagri:- Each and every cake is special to me and I pay a lot of attention to the minutest details but my Favourite Cakes to make are Wedding Cakes. The whole process of discussion with the bride and groom, To be able to put their imaginations on cake is fascinating and it gives me immense pleasure to See them smile on their big day. 

What would you say this is the most used gadget in your kitchen? 

Archana-Bagri:- The most used gadget in my kitchen without which I cannot move is the simplest and very basic My Electronic Weighing Scale. It is the most inexpensive but most important as baking is all about The right measurement and mixing of ingredients. 

In terms of personal qualities, what do you think it takes to succeed in the competitive baking scene on a bigger level? 

Archana-Bagri:- I think for every business aiming at customer welfare is first and foremost.    The colour selection, design detailing and quality of products used are very important To make any cake stand out. I use the best of ingredients for my cakes. All my cakes are made with fresh fruits fillings and compotes and contain no added Flavours. It is important to think out of the box and be updated with current trends In the baking industry. 

What’s on the horizon for Sinful Desserts in the future? One thing that Sinful Desserts does to bring a smile on their customers face? 

Archana-Bagri:- I am working on enhancing my baking skills. In the coming years am planning to learn making French pastries, entremets and other kind of bakery products.

I am also going o start Making homemade bread as it is healthy. We also plan to open up a studio where regular training will    Be provided to aspiring bakers. 

If you don’t have time to get super creative and elaborate, what’s the one dessert that always wins over the crowd? 

Archana-Bagri:- Baked yoghurt is my all-time favourite. It is light and can be prepared in a jiffy. It can be paired with any seasonal fruit and it sure wins the crowd. 

What is your concept for designing, decorating a cake? 

Archana-Bagri:- Baking is my passion and cake decoration is my favourite part. Every cake for me is an edible blank  Canvas. I love getting the details perfect, but before turning the oven on I have to plan and design a cake that is different, unique and wins over the people by its taste because ultimately it is the taste that matters. First and foremost it is very important to know your client well. What will they like? Then know the number of servings. After this discussion, I make a sketch of the design I have in mind. And then start working accordingly. If I am working on a new technique I make sure I practise it once or twice before actually putting it on a cake. While actual decorating if I feel some elements have to be changed or improved upon I keep that much of flexibility in my work as they say Knowledge is limited but imagination has no end.