A true delight for our Eyes


When did you feel that you should start Tami Bakes and what was the reason to start your own venture?

Tamanna Chatterjee:- I had been passionate about baking since my teenage days. However, owing to academic pressure and other commitments, it mostly remained just an occasional hobby. However, in recent years, my passion got the necessary inspiration as I started baking for my child. It was only then, I started taking professional classes to improve upon my skills, and the thought of pursuing home baking as profession crossed my mind. With support of family and friends, Tami’s bakes as a venture was started.  

What’s the most recent pastry or dessert or dish you developed, and what was your inspiration?

Tamanna Chatterjee:- Most recently, I had tried out a tea cake with Kachi Keri (Raw mango) and Chili flavour and it was well appreciated. My inspiration was that I wanted to try a fruity flavour that was also bit sour with a zing in it. The chilli flavour in the mango cake gives a kick to the taste buds.   

Share with us the unique factor about Tami’s Bake.

Tamanna Chatterjee:- At Tami’s bakes’, Quality is our utmost concern. Keeping that in mind along with the taste of our clientele, we use the best of products; you can feel the difference in taste and texture. 

We don’t limit ourselves when it comes to creativity as we feel that variety is the spice of life.


What is your most popular pastry, the top seller, and why do you think that’s the case?

Tamanna Chatterjee:- Chocolate Caramel cake is majorly preferred by my clientele. I think chocolate goes with all age groups. 

Which is your favourite baking equipment and why?

Tamanna Chatterjee:- Kitchen Aid stand mixer has made my life a lot easier as I can get to make the cake batter faster and without wasting my energy which was the case previously with a hand blender. 

What’s the most versatile tool in Baking?

Tamanna Chatterjee:- A good stand mixer is a must have tool for all home bakers. 

What are the three most important things that you think the home baker should know?

Tamanna Chatterjee:- From my perspective, I would suggest the following:

Home bakers must focus on quality of their product.

Home bakers must be creative, and willing to experiment with newer flavours as tastes of people vary. 

Home bakers must always focus on learning new skills and techniques. Learning is a lifelong process and needed for one to establish their brand and be successful in the profession.  

Along with the taste of the cake please tell us how important is the look and design of the cake in the current generation?

Tamanna Chatterjee:- Look and feel or the aesthetics does matter a lot, especially with Customers having rich taste. Customized designs reflecting the thoughts, preferences or even hobbies are a true delight for their eyes.