An Accidental Top Baker


If you don’t have time to get super creative and elaborate, what’s the one dessert that always wins over the crowd?

Zulekha Badar:- It is normally very rare that I am short on time, as I prefer to plan my desserts in advance so that I can work on the minute details. However, whenever it does happen due to last-minute requests, Tiramisu is always a crowd-pleaser.

If you hadn’t chosen the career path of a Baker, what would you be doing? 

Zulekha Badar:- Becoming a professional baker was completely by accident. Although I was always passionate about cooking and making desserts, I had never planned on taking it up as a career. I am a trained fashion designer and that would have been my career path.

Is there one ingredient that you want to work with but haven’t tried yet? 

Zulekha Badar:- The list is quite long, but the one ingredient I would love to work with is Yuzu.

Tell us, what is your biggest extravagance?

Zulekha Badar:- I am very particular about the ingredients that go into my creations and I like to invest in the high-quality Belgian chocolates.

What are the qualities a top home Baker has to have? 

Zulekha Badar:- One must be able to properly manage their time between their homes and their careers. Creativity in making high quality products and competitive prices.

Are there are any other bakers, who you admire or who inspires your work?

Zulekha Badar:- Yes, amongst the bakers that I admire the most are:

1. Rumana Jaseel, who inspires not only me but the whole home baker’s fraternity.

2. Swati Jain who has also played a very important role in my baking career