Baking for me is a passion turned profession


Please tell us when did you decide to start Nim’s Choco Fantasy? 

Nimmy Raghu:– Initially, baking was just my passion and I used to bake cakes for my family and friends. Later on, with their encouragement and support, I started taking orders and named my venture as Nim’s choco fantasy. Recently, Nim’s choco fantasy had been ranked as Top25 in National level and Top25 in Hyderabad city. 

Describe your most challenging baking project. How did you overcome it? 

Nimmy Raghu:- The most challenging baking project was tiered cakes. As I am a self-taught person, it was a huge challenge for me to create the structure. But, with a lot of practice, now I am able to do it with ease. 

“Bakery world is not only about cake and cupcakes”, please tell us how to justify this statement and what is the most unknown bakery item? 

Nimmy Raghu:– We can associate baking with not just cakes and cupcakes, but also creativity and art. We can incorporate stories, thoughts and can give a whole new meaning through the cakes we bake with creativity. 

But to generalise the idea, there are endless options in baking. Initially, people knew only about cakes and cupcakes, but there are many other varieties. Some well-known baked goodies are macaroons, cakesicles, cake pops, brownies, brookies, pies, cheesecakes etc. Most of the people in India are unaware of the French patisserie. They have a wide variety of desserts which are yet to be explored. 

Cake making is an art in itself. Kindly share your story about how you develop interest in baking? 

Nimmy Raghu:– The earliest memories from my childhood were, tasting my mother’s yummy dishes. Her versatile cooking was what inspired me to try my hand in various recipes. With my husband’s encouragement, I started writing a food blog around 10 years ago, which consists of various tried and tested recipes. I used to watch many baking shows and gradually got interested in homemade chocolates and baking. I have always been a creative person from childhood. I channelled this creativity into the cakes that I baked. Baking for me is a passion turned profession.

What according to you, is the underrated part about bakers and what growth do you see in the Bakery Business? 

Nimmy Raghu:– The fact that people don’t know that our products are completely devoid of preservatives and are made with good quality ingredients, in a hygienic environment, is the most underrated part. Healthy baked goods and High-quality artisanal products would be in demand in the near future. People are already open to experimenting with new flavours and hence we can expect different unusual combinations of flavours. 

If you ever get a chance to Bake for a celebrity or a celebrity chef, who would it be? Why? 

Nimmy Raghu:– I would love to bake for Nigella Lawson. She is my all-time favourite. I used to watch her shows all the time. She is a very talented chef and her beautiful presentation has always been a constant source of inspiration for me. 

How important are cake figures and edible cake decoration for you while decorating cakes? 

Nimmy Raghu:– Though figurines and decorations play a vital role on a customised cake, flavour and taste is equally important. Figurines and decorations can tell a story that you want to convey through a cake. Decorations make your cake look lovely. So, I make sure to give the client exactly what they want (design) without compromising on the taste. 

Which is your favourite chocolate brand that you use while baking a cake? 

Nimmy Raghu:– There are many chocolate brands available in the market. I use Vanleer, 2M, Morde, Vanhouten, Callebaut in my baking. 

Do you see a trend of cookies increasing or do people in India still prefer biscuits? Which is your favourite cookie flavour? 

Nimmy Raghu:– People in India still prefer biscuits. But the trend is changing. Cookies are slowly finding its place in today’s market. My favourite cookie varieties are Brookies, Crinkle cookies and Snowball cookies. These are the varieties which are mostly preferred by my clients and by my kids as well.