Baking Miracles from the oven


The name of your venture, ‘Miracles on Cakes’ is quite appealing. How do you relate the word ‘Miracle’ with your work?

Anna-Joseph:- ‘Miracle’ was a name suggested by a friend when I was looking for an appropriate name for my page. Since then I have been trying to keep my work up to the standard of the name.

Congratulations on winning the Gold Award for the Best Designer Cake from ‘The Silent Heroes Award’. What was your reaction and to whom do you owe this?

Anna-Joseph:- Thank you so much. It was a complete surprise. When they announced that Miracles on Cakes is the Gold winner, I was so excited. I owe this award to my husband and kids, who have sacrificed a lot for me. I am grateful to my friends and family who mentally gave me the support and encouragement, and of course, my customers who trust me and give me diverse themed cakes and push me to go that extra mile.

What kind of variety in orders do you come across and in case you get immense orders on the same day then how do you manage it?

Anna-Joseph:- It is the customer who brings in different themes and in many cases there will be a story behind these cakes. I try to get as much information I Can and understand what they want in this cake. I only commit to orders I can do.  If there is an immense demand, I suggest my fellow bakers and vice versa.

To be a cake artist, was it from the beginning or any inspiring figure behind it? What motivated you to start Miracles on Cakes?

Anna-Joseph:- Years back, I went to a 3-day cake baking and decorating class with my cousin, which made me hooked to the process. I am a foodie and my passion for creativity made me choose this medium. Beginning I used to gift decorated cakes as gifts to family friends. Later after marriage, when we moved to the USA is when I started exploring the possibilities. Like any home baker, I started baking for my kids and family. I resigned from my Office Manager post in Macys, and after my 2nd child, I slowly started taking orders with the help of friends and family. By word of mouth, the circle started to grow. 

Working at Macys and opening a bakery of your own are two different spheres of life. What led you to choose this and please share your most cherished moment with Miracles on Cakes?

Anna-Joseph:- When I started to work in Macys again, I still kept baking as a hobby. My boss and co-workers were very accommodating as to switch shifts in case I had an order to deliver. Once we decided to move back to Kochi, I took my passionate hobby into a complete profession and enjoying every bit of it. My most cherished moment as of now is the Gold award for ‘Silent Heroes Award 2020’, that I got recently. Any artist needs appreciation, this award was a huge inspiration and encouragement that your hard work always pays off. 

Being a good cake artist, which is the product that makes your customers crave most and please share with us the best appreciation you have received from your customer?

Anna-Joseph:- Mostly customers contact me for designer themed cakes. Generally, there is a misconception that ‘A good looking cake tastes bad and a bad looking cake tastes good’. And my mission is to prove it wrong. A good looking cake looks very good in pictures but what the customer will always remember the taste of the cake. I make sure that my cakes are equally good looking and tasty. 

How different is it to make a wedding cake compared to any other cake? Do you assemble the cake at the venue or finish the entire cake at your bakery?

Anna-Joseph:- Usually, wedding cakes are elaborate and time consuming compared to other cakes like birthday, baptism etc. For wedding cakes, I make sure that I get all the details about the decoration on the stage i.e. the placement of the cake, height of the cake table, back wall, colours, flowers used etc. So that my cake will be synchronized with the rest of the deco. Depending on the size, the number of tiers, decorations and weight of the cakes, I assemble them at the venue.