Because without us, it’s just cake


Tell us the inspiration behind your fond of baking? 

Ritu kaur:- I was always interested in art & craft ever since my childhood. Interest in baking and cake decorating emerged during my college days. I started baking for friends & family and got positive feedback. I also got inspired by talented cake artists in India and realized the scope in the baking industry. So I decided to try my hands in the art of cake making and decorating. 

The look or the style of a dessert is a consideration, according to you how much importance do you give to make the cake look fancy? 

Ritu kaur:- A neat and good looking cake has always been my priority. With of course no compromise on the taste. There is a saying, “you eat with your eyes first”. However, apart from the look & taste of cake, I give utmost importance to bring the client’s imagination into reality. 

Did you ever want to be anything other than a Home Baker? 

Ritu kaur:- Home baking happened by a chance. Never in my distant dream, I have thought about making fancy cakes. I was an asst. professor teaching engineering student before this and took a break when my daughter was born. I started baking again and with the motivation of family and friends, I decided to pursue it professionally. Making cakes gives me real happiness and satisfaction. 

Please tell us the craziest demand for cake you have received from a customer? 

Ritu kaur:- Well, a customer asked me to make a two-tier cake in 500 grams and even suggested an abstract idea to make it possible. 

How would you describe your cake design process?

Ritu kaur:- My cake design process involves three steps, planning the design w.r.t customers requirements, preparation of the cake and accents for decorating, finally executing the planned design. 

What is the single most advice you give to amateur home bakers? 

Ritu kaur:- My advice to amateur bakers will be to work with sheer dedication & detailing in whatever dessert they are good at. One should never compromise on the quality of the ingredients and always deliver the best product both in terms of look and taste. 

How important are food colours and sugarpaste for a baker and which is your go-to place for baking requirements? 

Ritu kaur:- Certainly, colours and sugar paste make every baker’s life easier. They provide endless possibilities to portray our imagination. Spending in a good quality product is always wise. I usually purchase my stuff both online and offline. 

What is the most important and essential ingredient for a baker and why? 

Ritu kaur:- In my opinion, the most important and essential ingredient for every baker should be the passion for their work, passion for learning and getting better every single day. 

Given a chance which celebrity or politician would you like to bake for? 

Ritu kaur:- Hahaha…As I live in Hyderabad, I would feel privileged to bake for South India’s Super Star Mahesh Babu.