Breaking the Myth about Fondant Cakes


Tell us about your love for cake decorating & how it started?

Archana Mascarenhas:- I started making cakes as a hobby. The thrill and elation I felt on baking that first cake is still fresh in my memory. The realization that I could actually take it further came much later and I had no set plans on what and how far I could go with this hobby. Cake decorating just happened as it was a part of making fondant cakes and soon I realized how I loved making all those decorations and spent hours just to get things right.

You have baked for Isha Ambani and Anand Piramal’s Raas Garba ceremony, please tell us how big is this achievement for you & what more do you see is coming?

Archana Mascarenhas:- When this opportunity came my way, I couldn’t believe my ears (it still hasn’t sunk in) but it’s a huge achievement for me. Mumbai is full of big and great cake artists and then getting this chance was like receiving an Oscar – in a sense it was a great validation of my work. More recently, I see my focus is shifting and I see myself venturing into teaching designer and wedding cakes. It’s a matter of prioritizing and following my heart without worrying too much as to what lies in the future.

Congratulations for being the Brand Ambassador of Confect, Sugar Paste company. Please tell us more about the sugar paste and why should bakers use Sugar Paste while baking or decorating cake?

Archana Mascarenhas:- Thank you. Sugarpaste is a very important part of cake decorating, it gives us canvas to work upon with different themes, colors, textures, modelling, making edible cartoon characters and much more, sky is the limit. Its gaining its popularity now in India and clients are also very open for fondant cakes which was little difficult earlier. If it’s a showstopper cake …it has to be fondant.

How would you describe your style in terms of finishing touches & cake decoration?

Archana Mascarenhas:- Right from very beginning as a cake artist I was very clear that my cakes have to look very neat, clean and sharp. I consciously worked upon my skills and it became my strong point over the period of time. Another important aspect of me as a cake decorator is modelling edible fondant characters, though I didn’t have any art, craft or modelling background but I use to spend hours on getting those characters right and eventually modelling too became my strong point. And last but not least, people have this assumption that fondant cakes aren’t delicious so I consciously worked upon to break this myth, my cakes are super delicious.

You’ve been awarded as an “Innovative Woman Chefpreneur 2019” by India Leadership Awards, so what did it feel like when you won?

Archana Mascarenhas:- It has taken enormous hard work, endless working hours, courage, strength, sleepless and stressful nights to reach here but all is worth it. Hard work never fails you and I am super proud of my achievements. This journey has been very tough for me specially being mother to 3 young boys, managing home front and following your passion with so much zest. So far my journey as a Cake Artist has been accomplished and looking forward to much more cake decorating.

Ma’am, you’ve completed more than 2500 designer cakes in 5.5 years, what is that one thing that inspires & motivates you to continue with some amazing creations?

Archana Mascarenhas:- I thoroughly enjoy making and decorating cakes, I can walk cakes, sleep cakes, talk cakes….jokes apart,  I just enjoy the whole process and most important and satisfying part is all those amazing feedbacks which you receive from your clients, nothing could be more satisfying. 

What is your favourite Cake decorating trend at the moment?

Archana Mascarenhas:- Right now these tall tiered vintage cakes are my muse ,playing with different colour palette ,textures, motif s, patterns ,shapes is what I am playing with and totally in love with these designs.