Cakes that take your breath away


When did you feel that you should start Kathy’S Cakes And More and what was the reason to start your own venture? 

Chanda Rozario:- As a qualified diploma holder from IHM, Goa (2001) I have had the pleasure of working with some of the best in the industry, although I was never a part of Food and beverage department. I always had a keen interest in baking and I was fascinated with the way a regular cake can be elevated into pieces of art. So, after taking a sabbatical from work my love for baking got reignited.  And that’s how Kathy’s cakes & more was born. With my dedication and love and through word of mouth publicity I have grown and evolved and currently recognised as one of the top contributors in the home baking industry. I feel proud to say that I am a brand ambassador of Confect Sugar Paste and also among the top 100 Homebakers in the country and top 25 in Mumbai city as announced by  

What all evolution you’ve witnessed in flavours or tastes? 

Chanda Rozario:- There has been a tremendous change in consumer taste recently. Bakers have to keep innovating new products all the time to satisfy consumers taste buds. That’s how fusion cakes came into existence and Indians are loving their Rasmalai, Gulab Jamun, Gajar halwa in cakes. Earlier people preferred the conventional taste and flavours, with increasing globalisation the youngsters especially are eager to try new flavours. 

Please tell us How social media platforms have impacted on Home Bakers and professional bakers life? 

Chanda Rozario:- Social Media performs a major role in Homebakers life. Social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram helps us to connect with customers, increase awareness about the brand and showcase our work to a larger audience, so we get exposure and we get noticed. People can see our work and are able to locate and connect with us with their specific requirements. It has also helped us to grow as a community where we are in touch with not only other bakers around the world but also the manufacturers of different bakery products. 

What trends do you see in pastry or Cake decorations?

Chanda Rozario:- There is a general shift towards healthy eating which of course is reflecting in the baking world itself. People request for gluten-free, sugar-free, keto bakes, granolas, cookies etc. Bakers are experimenting with different flours and seeds in their bakes. Entremets are also in trend these days. These French creations are loved because of different layers of flavours and textures and how they are transformed into a thing of beauty. When it comes to trends in cake decorating, after sharp edges, Palette knife painting on cakes is making a big trend. Also, the metallic range of fondant is going to be big in the coming years. Every year we see new cake decorating stuff being introduced, the market is really developing. Cake decorates are spoilt for choice with the options available.

Surely the look or style of dessert matter but what do you think that appearance has overpowered the taste? 

Chanda Rozario:- Yes, the look and style of desserts do matter as a common adage used by chefs is, “You eat with your eyes first.” But I wouldn’t agree completely that appearance has taken over the taste. To stay in business no matter how beautiful your cakes look from outside if they don’t taste good clients definitely not returning to you. 

What advice would you give to someone who wants to get into baking now? 

Chanda Rozario:- It is important to understand first that you have to done your art and talent before venturing out commercially. Having said that there are no short cuts to success. Perseverance and hard work will take you ahead. It is very important to play to your strength and develop your individual style which will make you stand apart from the crowd. 😊