Cakes will Take you Places


What culinary trends drives you nuts and which do you find the most interesting? 

Juilee Sunil Desai: Well I am a sucker for beautiful as well as ohh! so yummy foods. so, the process of cooking/ baking aesthetically draws me insane. 

What drives you on? What is your biggest extravagance? 

Juilee Sunil Desai: The look of my final product, to be honest. I love to work for every single cake, just to be able to see how it will look once it’s done. It’s super thrilling. My biggest extravagance is, so far kitchen gadgets. The mixers, knives, spatulas, turntables, scrapers, cutters, everything is in the plural (into 10) and I feel no shame. hahaha!!!

Are there are any other bakers, who you admire or who inspires your work? 

Juilee Sunil Desai: Yes, there are so many great inspirations. To begin with, its Mr. Buddy Valastro. Because of him, I got interested in cakes. started watching cake boss, and I was hooked. Then there’s Zoe’s fancy cakes, Yolanda gamp of how to cake it, Ashely holt of sugar monster, and many more. They inspire me on all days.

Have you gotten any crazy cake requests, if yes tell us about that?

Juilee Sunil Desai: A crazy cake request can go in all possible ways. But one that tops, is to get a cream cake ( all assembled-17 kgs) across the state . it’s scary even to think about it. cream( whipped) cakes are not made for such a task.

Surely the look or style of dessert matter but what do you think that appearance has overpowered the taste?

Juilee Sunil Desai: I surely think appearance is the main reason in the first place, that makes anyone wants to try the dish. But once we are past that, the taste is what makes us happy. And it gets compromised so many times in order to make food look a certain way. I personally believe in a  balance, so our cakes represent the same. we try and make cakes in a way where there is an art as well as you really want to finish the cake. We worked nights to come up with it and its so satisfying, omg!!!!

In a world where it sometimes feels like every possible cake design had already been thought of how do you get inspiration for new bakes? 

Juilee Sunil Desai: Yes, there is already a cake for every theme. Reason being, there are so many bakers who come up with them every minute. Its an art, to come up with everything new every other day.for me, inspiration comes from colours, textures, shapes, and art that’s not cake. photographs are also something that fascinates me. There’s inspiration everywhere.

Tell us your top 3 secrets of making a delicious cake.

Juilee Sunil Desai: My secrets,    

1) Be very gentle   

2) Use the best ingredients and equipments   

3) let the imagination flow

You have baked cake of various designed and shape. Please tell us how do you come up with those cake design? 

Juilee Sunil Desai: I always listen to the client, to begin with. Takedown all the pointers, of what all they want in the cake, take a day or so and come up with a design. By keeping everything in mind, i.e. budget, flavour, theme and transportation of the cake.

Which was the toughest cake decoration you have done so far?

Juilee Sunil Desai: Sculpted cakes are the toughest I feel. In 2018, I took part in a competition and made a deer shaped cake. It was my first time making a sculpted cake and it was a bit difficult due to lack of experience but it turned out well.