Cartoons being my Inspiration


Tell us, when did you first start decorating cakes & How did you decide to make it your career? 

Riya Sawant:- I have always loved baking for my family & friends. When I was in the USA a few years back, I was hooked to The Food Network. I was trying out new recipes, new ingredients the whole time. It piqued my interest in baking to a whole new level. Everyone loved what they were tasting & started giving orders. This way my career in baking started. I officially started “Riya Cakes” in 2011. 

Where do you draw inspiration from? 

Riya Sawant:- My work comprises mostly the customised theme cakes. So the inspiration comes from the specific theme, characters. Many times I have watched cartoons just to design the cake 😊. 

I am a big foodie myself so I love trying new things be it sweet or savoury. Flavour inspirations comes from the ingredients or from the talented Chefs worldwide I am following on social media. 

Where does your inspiration come from when you’re designing your desserts? 

Riya Sawant:- My desserts are based on mostly what interests me ingredients & taste-wise. I don’t follow trends blindly. I feel the dessert should showcase the ingredients in it & of course some delicately crafted chocolate garnish.

How would you sum up your style? 

Riya Sawant:- Quality ingredients, interesting flavour combinations & superior finish. 

What do you see as the future for 3D cakes? 

Riya Sawant:- 3D cakes are loved by everyone for their looks but for consumption, people prefer cream cakes over fondant. So for now, 3D cakes are limited for special celebrations or for cake competitions. 

What’s your design process and how long does it take you? 

Riya Sawant:- Sometimes clients have a fair idea about what they want. So the cakes are designed based on their theme, number of servings. Otherwise, I suggest a few themes popular for that occasion depending upon the gender. Few sketches are shared with the clients with their inputs. After finalising the design, quotation is shared & advance payment is taken to confirm the order. 

For theme cakes, I accept orders min 1 week in advance so I have enough time to work on it. 

How important is chocolate and cream for a baker? 

Riya Sawant:- I always empathised on quality ingredients. It can make or break your dessert. Your creations should taste as amazing as it looks. So no compromise on the chocolate, cream or any other ingredients.