Celebrating Sweet Moments


Describe your most treasured cake baking experience with us?

Snehal Khadtare:- My most treasured cake baking experience has been, baking for my uncle 61st birthday. It was a tiered Champagne Bucket Belgian chocolate cake with layers of salted caramel. The bucket was all edible cake, with a prosecco pint and isomalt icecubes. All my theme-based cakes are  Zero Fondant and I believe that every client should get an all edible cake where only the cake box and cake base is inedible.

How often do you think bakery exhibition should be organised?

Snehal Khadtare:- In this world of social media, everything turns obsolete in no time. Bakery exhibitions are a great way to get acquainted with the latest industry trends and meet like-minded people. I think it should be organised at least once in six months

What more progression does the bakery industry need?

Snehal Khadtare:- Bakery industry in India has expanded exponentially in the past few years. On one hand, we have professionals who are Hotel Management graduates and we have home bakers who come from a different educational background and set their foot into the baking industry. The number of home Bakers has grown much higher than the number of professional Hotel Management graduates who pass out and start with their own baking ventures. There is a  huge knowledge gap and accessibility to knowledge which can be easily bridged through bakery trade shows

How sweet moments was born?

Snehal Khadtare:- I passed out from IHM Mumbai in 2007 and happened to move to Pune in 2008. Being in food production, work-life balance was always a concern, I took up human resources over my passion. I had won a lot of competitions in college in baking and pastry and those trophies and certificates always reminded me of the missing pieces. Sweet Moments started somewhere around in 2009 alongside my stint in Human Resources in Hotel Industry in Pune. Friends, family have been my biggest supporting pillars. In 2018 I took up baking full time with a full-fledged menu specializing in customised Cakes, Macarons, Dessert Jars, Brownies, Handcrafted Chocolates, Vegan, Keto, Healthy and Gluten-free bakes.

Are there any other bakers who you admire or who inspires your work?

Snehal Khadtare:- Your limitation- It’s only your imagination. Learning should never stop. I admire Amaury Guichon and Jemma Wilson owner of crumbs and doillies.

How important is cake levellers for you as a Baker and which is your favourite brand that provides you with perfect cake leveller?

Snehal Khadtare:- If one has shaky hands like me, a cake leveller is a saviour. When building layers on a cake it is important to have the same inclination. My favourite brand is Wilton for cake levellers

Do you feel the love and demand for macarons increasing in India what do people prefer more cookies or macarons?

Snehal Khadtare:- Most cities in India are becoming the IT and manufacturing hubs. Many people move in from different parts of the country and also abroad. Indians are foodies. We love trying out different cuisines and macarons have been no exception. This French cookie is one of the most premium cookies liked by all. Today, due to accessibility of travel and social media it has reached masses and the demand has definitely increased. We at Sweet Moments do not make coins size macarons, we offer 20 different flavours with 20 different types of fillings which fits everyone’s pockets and pallet. We have premium flavours like Basil macarons filled with Ruby chocolate,  Rasmalai, Rasberry and 54.5% cocoa content Belgian chocolate and many more. There is a huge demand and market for healthy cookies like sugar-free, nut-free gluten-free.

In a current era, what do you think people prefer the most taste or the look?

Snehal Khadtare:- It has always been two sides of the same coin. The taste and the look always go hand in hand.