Cheese is now Healthy!


Who doesn’t like Pizza? We bet, 8 out of 10 people you know would say Pizza is their ‘go-to-food’ when they have nothing else in mind to eat! And the one thing that hit people’s mind when they hear of Pizza is Cheese! And did you know? Pizza Hut is the largest cheese using Fast Food Giant in the world! Today is National Cheese Fondue Day, so let’s find out some some fun facts about cheese.

Cheese existed before written language did.

Want to have a good and tight sleep? Start munching cheese 30 minutes before bed as it helps you sleep better. 

Hardly anyone knows that there are about 2,000 varieties of cheese!

Mozzarella cheese is the favourite cheese around the globe, and the most consumed.

Want to live longer? Start consuming cheese. Yes, according to some scientists having cheese can reduce the chance of High Blood Pressure and Heart attack.

So Chill and Have Cheese!