Chef Gerardo Zarco balancing Bake and Life


Chef, what highlights from your training at restaurants or experience are most relevant for this role as Director-General also what according to you are the most important techniques in preparing a baked item?

Chef Gerardo Zarco:- I consider that in my preparation as a restaurant chef, paying attention to every detail has served me to be able to hold a management position, everything matters, we must respond to each request but it is also necessary to accommodate each idea by relevance. It is important to mention that in addition to paying attention to every detail, it is not to forget that you also work with people, therefore it is the the human resource that I consider the most attention since it is the fundamental  tool additional to their knowledge, that helps us work in all areas.

One of the most important things when preparing a baked product is to know what product we are talking about, it is meat, fish, it is a bread or a dessert, each thing takes a preparation time therefore of baking, that is why respecting The ingredients are of the utmost importance, the same respect sizes and type of product to be able to give the corresponding time and temperature.

Please tell us what techniques are most important in preparing a baked item?

Chef Gerardo Zarco:- As I mentioned in the previous answer, in addition to the technique in the preparation of food, the recognition of the ingredients is very important since it is what will tell us which is the most suitable culinary technique to make the recipe, or prepare a assembly, or bake a product.

Chef, you’re hobbies are drawing listening to music and travelling so a Director-General at Bakery School Foundation how you manage to take time out for yourself?

Chef Gerardo Zarco:- An answer not very simple for a position that requires all the time to pay attention to what happens, however I have found the time for everything, if I have to make office work I put some music, if I have to do some work plan, I drawing my graphics including montages of what I like to do the important thing is to see your work not as work if but as part of the activities of your life, if you love doing it you enjoy it and you look for the moment to be able to do what keeps your mind dispersed, yet it is important to become a team in which to trust and be able to delegate responsibilities since it is very important to be able to take vacations also to do everything that does not have to do with the word work itself.

Chef, you have participated in various fairs such as Mexican, Abastur, Cake and Bake Masters, what speciality do you present of your’s in these fairs?

Chef Gerardo Zarco:- Something that I personally like and for which I have also given myself to know in my country is that I really like to do pastries, in fact I took a 1-year course of that specialty and other various courses on cake decorating and dessert formulation, is because of this, that in each presentation that I get to do at the fairs is about the specialty of Pastry, placing great importance on the decoration especially.

You’re a motivational speaker as well. Kindly share one of your experience with us.

Chef Gerardo Zarco:- another of the activities i like to do more is to share my knowledge, derived from it, that i have had the opportunity to class, this is the perfect opportunity to be able to talk to young people and give them overcoming messages that make them watch what they want to do of their lives, including giving them example and pushing them to reach their goals.

Some of the most emotional experiences that I have had as a result of this activity, is that some of my students even people not close to me, have dedicated some degree theses to me, or they send me messages through my networks, or they thank me or the messages that I transmit to them, they decided to study what I personally love, my career. Most people know perfectly well that they count on me even if it is to be able to give them a message or help them with some advice, sometimes they even ask me to work or do projects together.

When you’re not at work, where do you go for great pastry?

Chef Gerardo Zarco:- The answer to this question is great because I have been blessed in this area, I have  some very good bakery or pastry friends and I buy desserts from them, sometimes I´m the one who prepares what I likes or thanks to the Foundation, I am in charge of two exceptional chefs who prepare what I request and that makes me feel really happy in addition to preparing excellent classes and desserts, I help them to develop and improve in what we like, which is to develop people and prepare desserts.

Demands are moving forward to substitution for diabetic and vegan pastries, how you’re developing your creatives with this concern?

Chef Gerardo Zarco:- This answer is not simple since many of the ingredients within this specialty that is pastry are not simple to replace, one of the most complicated for example is the egg, the properties of it are very complicated to modify, maybe sugar as such we could use some other sweetener, but the properties of sugar as such allows us to color, provide flavor or other properties that are irreplaceable, however we are in the process of study to be able to use ingredients and how to use them to meet demands referring to that item looking for flours, sweeteners, dyes, even synthetic proteins and their use, this answer is definitely the most complicated because there is still much to discover in order to support the preparation of breads, desserts that have the correct properties and sight without using the traditional ingredients to cover the vegan or diabetic sectors, without sacrificing flavors. pfff I don’t know if my answer is totally correct but that is what I think.

Chef, have you ever had an opportunity to visit India. If yes how was your experience?

Chef Gerardo Zarco:- Unfortunately I have not had the opportunity to visit the country, but I love culture, food, everything in general makes me pleasantly interesting, I hope in the not too distant future, to have the opportunity to visit it since it is one of the destinations that I would personally like to see.

It is a real pleasure for me to give others a little of who I am, to teach and talk and maybe to advise, I like people to see me as an example, but the most important thing for me is to keep my feet firmly on the ground, in such a competitive world it is very easy to feel superior, I prefer to be humble and simple and support another, if the other grows, we grow together, I love that the people follow my steps but that everyone decides their own destiny and therefore makes their own light shine.

Thank you very much for taking a while to dedicate some time to my person, it has been a great pleasure to be able to talk with you and in a few lines convey a bit of who I am and I love that it is my career as a gastronomy specialist.