Chefs First Love, Mushrooms.


Your beloved Mushrooms are on top of the bucket list of many Chefs across the Globe. Good chefs always try to invent something new with the available and old resources to keep their customers taste bud feel good.

Want to know why chefs love Mushrooms?

“Beauty lie in the eyes of be holder” exactly, Mushrooms are beautiful to the Eyes and can be easily used in wide range of Cuisines. In the Kitchen Mushrooms acts like Meats. Just like Meats , Mushrooms change their character in response to different cooking techniques and they express different qualities depending on the ingredients with which they are paired up. Attributes of Mushrooms make them perfect pairing partners with wide range of Cuisines.

Did you know that your favourite mushrooms are not Vegetable? Yes Mushrooms are the part of the Fungi Kingdom. Like Onion, Mushroom is second ingredient which we find in almost every Recipes as any other Single ingredient. This is because Mushrooms grow in every Continent.

In Asia we will found mushrooms in Soups, Noodles dishes etc. In Northern Europe it can be found in Stews and Pickled.

Mushrooms are still not fully Explored, Which means chef can look forward to even more new varieties.