Creations for Celebrations


Please tell us, When did you realize that baking is the right path for you? 

Joyeeta Lahiri:- I was a simple homemaker and my hobby was singing. I always loved to experiment with a new style of cooking. Once during the Christmas I tried to make a simple cake which was a disaster. Then I started to read about cake baking from various online sources and I purchased lots of books. When the first cake was appreciated by my husband I started reading more about how to bake and decorate cakes. Then baking became a passion some three and a half years back. I came to learn about several master bakers and cake decorators in India and took classes from them. I had a small child at my home and I took time to practice whenever I had free time as baking and decorating cakes became a pastime and a mode of expressing myself. After a few of my cakes which I posted online got appreciated and I was praised by several master bakers I realized that baking right path for me. 

What have been your major achievements in baking that you most cherish? 

Joyeeta Lahiri:- I got the recognition of my work when my creation was first featured in American Cake Decorating Magazine. This followed several esteemed international and national magazines featuring my work. The icing in the cake was the ICA – Rising Star (East India) Award 2019. Further, I had been chosen as the Top -25 Home Baker of India and Top Home Baker of Kolkata by 

Do you think Bakery Industry needs more recognition, if yes? Why? 

Joyeeta Lahiri:- in India every part and every area has its typical sweet dish. If you consider Cake as a sub-sect in Bakery Industry, Cake has been an essential part of Indian cuisine as influenced by the British. For the last few years Home Bakers have taken over the Baking Scene all across India. Influences of Cake making and decorations have hit the Indian Baking environment from the US and Europe. Many international renowned bakers are coming to India to take classes and to showcase their works. Therefore recognition of the Cake Baking and Cake decorating Industry is coming thick and fast. The more Cake Decorators showcase their work the more recognition the Industry will get. I hope that there is a great future prospect and chance of growth in this Industry. 

How important is sugar paste for you while decorating the cake and which brand’s sugar paste do you like the most? 

Joyeeta Lahiri:- The weather in India is not conducive for using Sugar Paste as maximum period of the year is either very hot or humid. The best time to work with Sugar Paste is October to March. I thrive to work with Sugar Paste during this time. Sugar Paste is used to decorate cakes and I being a cake decorator use the same extensively. Using various techniques in Cake Decorating depends how apt one is with the Sugar Paste use and innovations, At the beginning there was only Vizyon Sugar paste. I tried making Home Made Sugar Paste but the only problem with it is the Shelf Life of Home Made Sugar Paste is limited and you have to make it and use it. Now there are many bands of Sugar Paste available in the market. I have worked with MAGICULATA and CONFECT Brands and I did not get complaints from my clients. 

What’s one underrated ingredient home chefs should use more? 

Joyeeta Lahiri:- My answer to this would be Butter-Cream. Another one would be Pure Chocolate instead of Chocolate Compounds. 

What would you say, is the signature style of Joyeeta, What message you relay to your guests through your baking? 

Joyeeta Lahiri:- My signature style in baking is a flavour in the cake and the effective use of cake sponge and in Cake decorating it is innovativeness and flawless finishing. The messages I relay to my guests are that once you try a cake baked by me you will definitely come back to me and that I would customize your cake according to your requirement. 

What role does social media play in your profession as a baker? 

Joyeeta Lahiri:- In today’s world Social Media plays a major role in developing professions which is visually appealing. Cakes are not only appealing for tastes but for the visual appeal. I being a Cake Decorator the Social Media have played a major role to get my works appreciated. Further the feedback about my cakes in Social Media by happy clients gives me satisfaction and recognition. 

Do you prefer using airbrush colour while doing cake decoration and what is your favourite brand of airbrush colour? 

Joyeeta Lahiri:- I use airbrush colours for decorating my cake. The colour sheen cannot be achieved without using an airbrush with good airbrush colours. Airbrush colours enhance colours in cake decorating. I use “Magic Colours” Air Brush Colours which is my favourite.