Designing people’s emotions


Can you walk us through your journey as a home baker?

Asmita Mukherjee:- It all began unobtrusively, very difficult to earmark the exact date and time when it all began. But one thing needs to be mentioned here that it was not a very planned exercise. After a brief stint in the academic industry after completion of my post-graduation I somewhat developed an interest in culinary. These gastronomic delights eventually transformed to baking. The initial years were quite edgy but with some timely interventions of the experts and with experience things improved and finally my stay on this segment proved worthwhile.

Where did you get the drive to continue your passion with much more creativity?

Asmita Mukherjee:- During the initial years I had no idea what this baking industry is all about. But while exploring it revealed that there is lot more than satisfying one’s gastronomic needs. The presentation looked very tedious and monotonous at times. So, I felt the urge to create and design to ensemble the event it is meant for rather than following the same design protocol of confectioners. I wished to fill in the void.

In your experience, what is the key to creating a perfect cake?

Asmita Mukherjee:- To understand the aesthetic taste of the customer and customize accordingly. As I have said it is not only about maintaining a protocol it is also about appealing.

What are your “3 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Became a Baker” and why?

Asmita Mukherjee:- Nothing significant I believe you learn by experience. However, one thing needs to be mentioned that coming from a small city it was not an easy task for me to begin with as there was no adequate providers available for the raw materials for such designer cakes. So, I had to reconnoiter different places. These I believe are not a road block for my students as I offer ample of guidance to tread the path which I had so difficultly to walk on.

Tell us, your best part about Cake Designing

Asmita Mukherjee:- In the end everything appears as a beautiful story. It is about designing people’s emotions.

You’ve created some of the beautiful cakes like a cake which have a peacock on it… tell us about your inspiration?

Asmita Mukherjee:- As I have said every design has a story to tell. This was designed for a couple from UK who got married in Jaipur. They wanted a cake for their wedding ceremony to ensemble the Indian tradition. As peacock happens to be our National bird so I created a golden peacock on the cake to justify their aesthetic appeal.

What will you say is the​Asmita style of baking? 

Asmita Mukherjee:- Perfection and only perfection to the core.