Infusing Traditional Ingredients in Baking


What inspired you to be a professional home baker?

Dipti Saraf:-It’s not ‘what’ but ‘Who’ is my inspiration and I am really proud to answer this question- My Husband. He is the one who inspired, encouraged and pushed me to start baking professionally, he was amazed by my baking skills and the taste of my preparations, so he kept insisting me to showcase my baking skills to the outside world and this is how I became a professional homebaker.

When did you decide that becoming Cake Artist was the career path for you?

Dipti Saraf:- I am an art lover, be it of any kind. I was in awe of the designer cakes baked by so many talented bakers out there. Social media helped me stay updated with most of the things happening in the baking industry including information regarding workshops being conducted anywhere in India. It was at one such instance, that I chanced it upon a post for a cake decorating course on Facebook and attended the same and I found myself enjoying it more than anything. That was the time when I knew I am going to be a cake artist forever.

Congratulations you have expertise in 3D cakes.  Please tell us how different is baking a 3D cakes as compare to any other cakes?

Dipti Saraf:- Thank you so much. A 3D cake or a designer cake can require much more time, patience and attention in terms of its designing and detailing when compared to regular cakes. Right from the time a client approaches me to get a cake customized to suit his needs, my job starts. First part is to understand the client’s theme, discussing the cake design, exchanging messages/ emails and finally settling for one. Then comes the planning and execution of the cake as per the design. The final part is ensuring the safe delivery of the cake. 

Apart from cake, cupcakes and pastries please tell us about the last dessert that amazed you? 

Dipti Saraf:- I have been amazed by the Entremets (French Dessert) since long.

What’s one food that always takes you back to your childhood?

Dipti Saraf:- A sight of candy floss rekindles the kid within me!!…

What’s one underrated ingredient home cooks should use more? 

Dipti Saraf:- I believe in our ancient values. Healthy cooking is one of them. Spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, turmeric etc should be used in our daily cooking. It carries health benefits as well as makes the dishes delectable. Also replacing crystallized sugar with jaggery should be practised, wherever possible.