Endless possibilities for Bakers in the Digital era


Describe your most treasured Cake Baking experience with us. 

Anjali Yadav:- My most treasured baking experience was when I made a 20kg designer cake for Redchillies.vfx, a Visual Effects Studio owned by none other than Shah Rukh Khan. Made it all alone and I loved the fact that they gave me full creative freedom on choosing the flavour and design. It was like painting on a blank canvas and the most creatively satisfying baking experience for me.

How often do you think Bakery exhibitions should be organized and what more progression does Bakery Industry need? 

Anjali Yadav:- Bakery exhibitions should be held just once or twice in a year as one gets time to prepare for them. People eagerly participate in the exhibition and take an interest by visiting and exchanging ideas.

Bakery industry needs to get good quality local & International products in the Indian market. Right now good international Branded products are very limited and hard to find in India both in shops & online.

How was JusBaked born? 

Anjali Yadav:- Being a passionate fan of everything baked since childhood and venturing into baking as a hobby, I started developing skills to start baking professionally.  Using my background of Art & Visual Effects, I started baking designer & gourmet cakes &organic cookies/ health bars at home for friends and family. After getting great reviews and orders from neighbouring areas, I grew in confidence. In this journey of mine ‘JusBaked’ was born to bring the taste of Gourmet Baking to the people who appreciate the quality of pure, organic and original products.

Do you think Gourmet Bakeries needs more recognition, if yes, Why? 

Anjali Yadav:- Yes, very much. Still in India, most of the bakery items are commercially produced using artificial Ingredients and there is no quality control.  Gourmet Baking is something, which is made using original branded quality products and needs awareness and recognition. Many people are still not aware of the authentic flavours and taste and have no option but to order commercially produced synthetically flavoured off the shelf cakes and cookies. Although Gourmet products are a bit more expensive, the experience of taste the clients gets is unparalleled.

“Bakery world is not only about cake and cupcake”, please tell us how do justify this statement and what is the most unknown bakery item? 

Anjali Yadav:- The word ‘Baking’ explains itself. Anything where food is prepared whether sweet or savoury using the baking technique comes in the preview of the baking world. There are a lot of items apart from cakes & cupcakes from a basic pizza base to one of the best croissants, yummy cinnamon rolls, amazing cookies, savoury puffs which are part of the baking world and the list is endless.

How important is social media for the success of a baker? 

Anjali Yadav:- It’s the most important as in this new era of the online business world, digital marketing takes centre stage as a tool to showcase your work and profile. People want to first visit your page and see what you have achieved before placing their orders. Whether it’s a gourmet Birthday cake or a designer wedding cake or a corporate order for their CXO’s special day, the online profile of the Baking chef is checked before finalizing the order. In most cases, the first thing people ask about an Instagram or a Facebook page where they can see your work.

In a current era, what do you think people prefer the most, taste or the look?

Anjali Yadav:- Digital world has put us into a place where we are exposed to endless possibilities. In today’s world, especially in the field of high-end gourmet baking, the clients want their food to be amazing looking and even better tasting. At first, the client may give you work on what they see but they will only stick to you and re-order if your food tastes even better than it looks.