Enhance your revenue management.


HospiBuz Desk

Are you generating enough revenue from your hotel? If not then what is missing in your strategy? Improving direct revenue is very important for a hotel’s profitability and to gain guest interactions. But Direct revenue is something which is not easy to get. It requires planning and step by step process. A proper planning is something which can increase the direct revenue of the hotel.

To increase the direct bookings in a hotel it is very important to do it in a planned way. Below mentioned are some of the important steps which need to be paid attention for an increase in Direct Revenue. These steps are not the final goal of a hotel. This is minimum what a hotel can do for direct revenue. And these actions don’t depend on how much you implement them. They depend on how you implement them.

  • The hotel website should work as a final tool for the customers. They should find it convenient to understand and do the bookings. It should be clear and complete information should be provided on it. The website should be made in a way that the customers need not search more about it.
  • It doesn’t matter if your rates are low or high. What matters is that at the given rate, what perks the customers are getting? How good are the services of the hotel at that rate?
  • Distribution of authorities should be done carefully for the management of the hotels. Proper distribution of powers results in the scrutinization of actions at every step.
  • Metasearch engines should be used by the hotels to find proper areas for their advertisement.
  • Business listings are secure on search engines so websites should be uploaded with their names on search engines.

  • Google analytics should be used to check the revenue and conversion of the currency generated by hotels.
  • Monthly meetings should take place to change the strategies of the hotel in accordance with the dynamic environment.
  • Reviews about the hotel should be checked regularly and they should be responded on time. Also, it is very important to make improvements in the hotel by noting the complaints in the reviews. This helps in maintaining the reputation of the hotel.
  • Influencers should be given complimentary stays in the hotel for the improvement of the hotels and to increase the reputation of the hotel.
  • Social media is a very big platform for promotions. Genuine promotions are something everyone likes. Social media should be used to share the interest, experiences and to do the survey of the services of the hotel. Any new service or facility in the hotel should be updated regularly.
  • Emails should be sent to the guests with offers and perks so that they can share them with their family and friends. This helps in increasing the revenue of the hotel.
  • Services of the hotels should be good enough for the guests that their stay in that hotel becomes an experience for them.
  • Staff should be well trained and services should be well updated for the convenience of the guests.

These are some of the things which should be paid attention to when you are running a hotel.