Every Cake has a Story to tell


What do you love best about your work?

Shaira Mehdi:- Baking is my passion and cake decoration is my favourite part. From designing a cake to its execution the entire process is quite fascinating for me. 

What would you call your most magical creation?

Shaira Mehdi:- When I design a cake I always see that a cake has a story to tell. The story of the person and the occasion that it’s being made for. One of my recent cakes that was crafted for a Christmas party for kids is I believe one of my most magical cakes as I was there at that party and could see how the kids were loving it. The twinkle in their eyes at the sight of the cake and then wanting to get hold of every little accent was so heartwarming. 

What about ingredients? Do you have any favourites? And a favourite combination?

Shaira Mehdi:- All the ingredients that I use in my cake are of premium quality coz I believe that it’s the quality of ingredients that makes or breaks a cake. All my fillings are homemade with fresh ingredients. My most favourite combination is chocolate with salted caramel, vanilla with our homemade strawberry compote, coconut and lime. 

How would you describe your baking and your style of decorating cakes?

Shaira Mehdi:- it’s very important that the taste of the cake be as good as it’s appearance. If a good looking cake isn’t tasty it loses its essence. I give attention to every little detail right from the sponge to filling to frosting to decoration. My cakes are quite flavourful and baked to suit the needs of the client so much so that we even have a great variety of sugarfree cakes for diabetics and people on sugar-free diets. 

My style of cake decoration is very versatile but one thing I believe is very important is colour selection and the design detailing that makes any cake stand out. 

How do you create a dish and what influences can we see on your cake designing?

Shaira Mehdi:- I mostly draw my influences from french flavours and a lot of our traditional local flavours as well like rose, lime, coconut etc. 

How are you inspired to create recipes? 

Shaira Mehdi:- At times it’s just a thought as most of the times I am just thinking of incorporating ingredients in my cakes or at times it’s a client demand to want to have a certain flavour or certain combination or my friends who would just tell me “ have you tried a particular combination”? So basically inspiration is all around. 

What is your current baking obsession?

Shaira Mehdi:- Cakes are my forte and absolutely love doing them but these days I m totally obsessed with cheesecakes and macarons.