Expressions with confection.


How did you first got interested in Baking and what is baking to you? 

Mahima Sankhla:- Baking caught my attention when I was barely 8 years old while watching Sanjeev Kapoor’s cooking show on television. It was magical to see the liquid mix go in the oven and see a whole cake come out of it. Since then my little hands kept experimenting and my Guinea pigs were all happy and pleased with what I made mostly. The encouragement and motivation kept me going along my whole journey of the little girl until the time I completed my masters in Bio-Technology. My passion followed me everywhere and today I pursue baking with pride over everything else.

You specializes in eggless fondant cakes what substitution do you opt for egg? 

Mahima Sankhla:- I specialise in all eggless baked good. There are a lot of substitutes for eggs and it is different for every recipe. Some of them are:- Curd, Buttermilk, Vinegar, Milkmaid, Flaxseed meal, Banana, Apple sauce and Aquafaba etc

Home Bakers have their own celebrity charm. Why is that, what do you think? 

Mahima Sankhla:- When I was new in this business I used to feel shy to attend the parties where my cakes used to go to … But as time went by, I learnt to take the compliments with a smile … The people around are so awed with the looks of the cake to start with and are still coming to terms with the fact that such good looking cakes can be made from someone’s home and not necessarily big bakery shops and not by chefs. And then once they eat the cake and look out for you to tell you how much they loved it !! You do feel like a celebrity when people come to you personally to compliment you and if your family/peers are along it’s double the effect !! A simple next door girl does bake the best looking and the best tasting cakes !!

What is pretty unusual fact about Cake Break? 

Mahima Sankhla:- Cake Break dives deep into each customer requirement and builds the cakes taste as per the customer vision .. We don’t follow stereotype tastes and flavours… So each is customised as per the need. We offer the freshest cake and thus the taste is unforgettable

What are some of the Kitchen utensil you can’t live without? 

Mahima Sankhla:- I am very possessive about my cake things. A few things will be my fondant tools, stand mixer and OTG.

How do you settle on a concept or ingredient for a dessert? 

Mahima Sankhla:- Each dessert require different ingredients… Every dessert that I offer has been tried and tested and made with the best quality ingredients. Usually, I offer whatever is freshly available for the season and produce my desserts around it. Right now it’s mostly about strawberries and oranges.

Please tell us what are the few ingredients that add taste to the bakery items?

Mahima Sankhla:- Taste comes by using good quality ingredients. To name a few are  Butter, Vanilla extract, Cocoa Powder, Chocolate and Fresh fruits etc  

How important is chocolate for a baker? 

Mahima Sankhla:- You can’t think of a Baker without associating him/her with Chocolate. Majority of orders that I get are chocolate-based. You can’t go wrong with something that has chocolate in it. Anything Chocolate be it a pudding/mousse, chocolates, cookies and brownies are always the best sellers.