Flourishing Wedding cakes


You’ve won many awards from Cakeology and for Wedding Cakes. Tell us what keeps you moving ahead in this field? 

Trupti Pradhan:- There are so many things to love about this field, to start with almost every day is a new learning experience. There are So many techniques, mediums coming up from all the corners of the world it gives us a vast subject to learn. The creativity in this field has no bound.

What five words would describe you as a Home Baker? 

Trupti Pradhan:- Passionate    Creative    Dedicated    Artistic    Patience

As you specializes in Wedding Cakes please tell us, how far and advance the wedding cakes are heading? 

Trupti Pradhan:- Wedding cakes business has grown by leaps and bounds. Apparently, it is no longer just a Christian tradition to cut the wedding cake. Many young couples across various Indian communities wants to have a statement wedding cake nowadays. It can be anything from narrating their love story to matching up the bride and grooms costume or even the decor at the venue or the designs from the invitation cards.


What are the most preferred filling choices guest demands for their wedding cake? 

Trupti Pradhan:- Well, there are lots of options from fruit fillings, mousse, Buttercream, dry fruits etc. Even some fusion flavours like Rasmalai, pistachio mousse etc.  But there has been an increasing demand for chocolate cakes lately 

How do you reconcile your baking life and your family life? 

Trupti Pradhan:- I do most of my baking work mainly when my kid is off to school or at night when everyone is sleeping. So I do get to spend quality time with my family. 

What if you only had one word to say so we could order from Creative Confectionery? 

Trupti Pradhan:- Nectarous/ Piquant.