From Kitchen to Bartending, Life changed…


What made you enter the world of juggling and cocktails? 

Ghanshyam Bera:- When I entered the hospitality industry, I was interested in kitchen operations as I loved cooking but sometimes I saw my seniors working in a bar, experimenting with fresh ingredients for cocktails. I found it quite interesting and decided to enter the world of mixology. I read the story of my idol Mr Jeet Rana sir which inspired me a lot. To talk about flair bartending and juggling, I love to make cocktails and entertain guests. 

Tell us about some amazing cocktails serve at Whisky Samba? 

Ghanshyam Bera:- It’s a Whiskey Bar but we have a great collection of spirits here. We focus largely on the latest cocktail tradition of preparing them with the home-made concoction. We serve some amazing cocktails here which includes Old Smoke, Black Mamba, Samba Sour and Samba Paloma. 

How is the cocktail menu at Whisky Samba matched with food served there? 

Ghanshyam Bera:- We have four categories for our cocktail menu. Smokey & Peaty, Rich & Fruity, Light & Florals and Delicate & Fresh. As for the food menu, the categories are Chinese, Japanese & Thai. We match Thai food with Smokey & Peaty Cocktails, Chinese food with Rich & Fruity cocktails and Japanese food with Light & Floral and Delicate & Fresh cocktails. These are must-try combinations. 

What role do glasses play in serving a perfect drink? 

Ghanshyam Bera:- As we say that the first impression is the last impression, fancy glassware or a perfect glass is a must for a drink to be served. The way a drink is prepared or decorated sometimes also depends on the glass. 

What would recommend as an after-dinner drink? 

Ghanshyam Bera:- After a heavy supper, I would suggest a dessert wine or a digestive wine for the guest to feel better and relaxed. 

A Bartenders kit is very important for him. Please tell us how you curate your kit? 

Ghanshyam Bera:- My kit has fancy items and at the same time they are easy to use. 

How important is it for a bartender to do multitasking? 

Ghanshyam Bera:- Multitasking counts in the qualities of a bartender. We need to prepare drinks and at the same time interact and attend the guests. We need to deal with the stuff which gets over at the bar and being vigilant is important because carlessness may lead to accidents. That’s why it is a must for a bartender to do multitasking.