“Guests and our colleagues are at the heart of everything at all properties at Hyatt “, mentions Mr. Jaco Le Roux, GM of Grand Hyatt Goa


Mr. Jaco Le Roux, General Manager of Hyatt Goa began his vocation in 1994 and worked with the absolute most revered names in Hospitality. Apart from working in his nation of origin, South Africa, he has also worked and managed five-star chains in Muscat, Istanbul, Amsterdam, Moscow, Belgrade and London that has helped him pick up an incredible comprehension of various societies. Mr. Le Roux has over 20 years of experience in the Hospitality Industry, having worked with the Hyatt group around the world as general manager, director of Food and Beverage, and executive assistant manager.

He firmly supports Hyatt’s six core values, which include respect, humility, integrity, empathy, creativity and fun; accomplishing great outcomes that benefit all stakeholders. His exceptional leadership qualities paired with his serious approach to development and respect for all, ensures that his only aim, is to make Grand Hyatt Goa achieve the pinnacle of success in the years to come.

HospiBuzHyatt Hotels is an epitome for the luxury it provides to its customer’s world – wide, irrespective of the countless and diverse cultures followed in each country. You have been associated with Hyatt Hotels for 16 years and worked with various properties. Please tell us how does Hyatt maintain high standards throughout the globe?

Related imageMr. Jaco Le Roux: Guests and our colleagues are at the heart of everything we do at all Hyatt properties across the globe. It is our constant endeavour to deliver consistent high quality, memorable experiences and service excellence through innovation, integrity and authenticity, combined with our purpose to care for people so they can be their best.

HospiBuz: Can we say that Grand Hyatt Goa is a small world inside Goa for the tourist! Please tell us how does the hotel make the holiday more enjoyable for its customers?

Related imageMr. Jaco Le Roux: Being an attractive combination of culture, heritage and natural splendours, Goa becomes one of the most favourite vacation destinations in India. Picturesque nature and beaches attract tourists from all over the world. At Grand Hyatt Goa we always keep the diversity and varied expectations of our guests in mind while planning their stay with us. Through our diversity of experiences (over 101), our unique location and various rooms, events, restaurants, bars, wellness, fitness, recreation and entertainment options, we ensure all our guests’ needs are met. All this and more is personalised for each guest according to their preferences at our in-house (one-stop-shop) Resort Centre. To add to the experience we also have Shamana Spa and Strike Casino, our on-shore casino, AquaSail, as well as an indoor swimming pool and a fully equipped, international standard outdoor playground for kids. Indoors we have Camp Hyatt, which has become the go-to destination for our little guests to spend quality time in leisure and learning.

HospiBuz: Dining plays an important role in enhancing customer experiences. How does Grand Hyatt, Goa make sure to enrich customer experiences when it comes to dining?

 Related imageMr. Jaco Le Roux:  Grand Hyatt Goa is known to offer its patrons the most amazing options for dining. Each of our restaurants have been created to ensure an exquisite guest experience. Chulha is our signature Indian restaurant which has gained fame of being an iconic Indian restaurant in Goa. The Dining Room serves different global cuisines, The Verandah – our modern Australian inspired restaurant, Capiz – our cocktail Bar named after the capiz shells found on the bay. Pool Bar and Grill also serving Asian cuisine with the beautiful view of our outdoor pool, the Palace lawns and Bambolim bay. Confeitaria Coffee Bar is a perfect place to meet with friends for having coffees and snacks. Grand Hyatt Goa has never failed to amaze its customers when it comes to creating experiences and lasting memories.

HospiBuzGoa is synonymous for beaches and casinos. How does Grand Hyatt Goa relate to these two?

Related imageMr. Jaco Le Roux: Grand Hyatt Goa is spread alongside the beautiful Bambolim bay and we also have Strike Casino, the biggest on-shore casino in India, on property.  We also facilitate water activities with AquaSail like sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, kite surfing and more. These activities which are an addition to the myriad of experiences at our resort, ensures that our guests can indulge in all Goa has to offer without having to leave the property.

HospiBuzWhat makes Grand Hyatt Goa unique and different from the other luxury resorts in Goa and how do you make sure to beat the immense competition?

Related imageMr. Jaco Le Roux: We at Hyatt are in constant competition with ourselves. We are continuously ideating to come up with ways to do things bigger and better and develop new innovative means to leave a lasting impression on our guests while being the best we can be. This approach keeps us motivated and passionate while ensuring our guests are amazed every time they visit Grand Hyatt Goa. Everything we have to offer along with personalized guest relations combined with high service standards ensures our appetite for excellence only grows each day.

HospiBuz: Your exceptional leadership qualities paired expertly with your focused approach to training and development; please share your outlook on how necessary it is to create the right balance between training and development in hotels.

Related imageMr. Jaco Le Roux: Training is an important factor as it increases the efficiency and the effectiveness of both the employees and the organisation as a whole. With a well-rounded structure, keeping brand principles, vision and ethics in mind, training ensures consistent quality and service delivery.

HospiBuz: Congratulations on receiving the award for the best MICE and Luxury resort at the Viva Goa food, travel and hospitality awards. Appreciating something is easy but the one who has been appreciated has to do a lot in the pursuit. Please share recommendations for our readers and budding hoteliers on how awards could affect the future?

Related imageMr. Jaco Le Roux: Thank you. It is very humbling to be acknowledged and keeps me and our team motivated. However our true rewards are the feedback and happy faces of our guests when they leave our hotel.

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