Piyush Mathur CEO & CMD Peaur – “A brand that is as pure as the nature”


Mr. Mathur is the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Managing Director of Hielo Beverages Private Limited. He is responsible for leading capital-raising and marketing activities for the brand in the domestic market. Over the past year, he is working as a core brand member to plan and strategize short and long-term goals. He has been instrumental in the expansion and diversification of Hielo’s Beverages which is primarily focused on natural mineral and sparkling water. Known to be highly innovative, hard-working and energetic person, he derives to become one of the aspiring entrepreneurs in the food and beverage industry.

Apart from the leading F&B flagship brand, his experience includes some global alignments, where he has successfully implemented the responsibilities as a Managing Director/ President at Olympus International Associates in India. Being an enthusiastic promoter of the company, Mr. Piyush Mathur desires to create a brand with core values on quality and deep commitment on craft.

Apart from extending his contribution in the field of business and projects, Piyush Mathur has unravelled the phases and shades of life through places, people and pleasures as a traveller. Piyush enjoys travelling and being a foodie he loves to experiment with world cuisine. He also has an inclination towards playing Golf and water sports.

HospiBuz brings you an exclusive interview with Mr. Piyush Mathur.

HospiBuz: What motivated you to start a venture into natural mineral and sparkling water being one of the most aspiring entrepreneurs in the food and beverage industry?

Mr. Mathur: I belong to an industrial family and as most of the business families in India my first option was to take over the family business, however I was always more inclined towards the F and B sector. The beverage Industry in India is growing exponentially and I do feel that there is still a huge need gap in this space.

I am passionate about delivering a brand that is as pure as the nature. The central focus of Peaur’s natural mineral water is to offer water it in its original form, getting it directly from its source, taking the aroma from the nature. We have played close attention to packaging of all our products to ensure it stands out amongst other brands available in the market.

HospiBuz: Please tell us how are the beverages, mineral water and sparkling water of Peaur different from other national and international brands manufacturing water?

Mr. Mathur: We are commited to deliver the “peaurest” (purest) form of water and juices. Every drop of Peaur is untouched! It comes straight from the banks of river Ganges, from extraction to packaging everything happens at Rishikesh with highest levels of hygiene standards. Our extraction plant and the packaging unit are close to the source to avoid the entry of any impurities in our products. Every beverage we provide to our customers is as pure and natural as it can get, with no adulteration or added chemicals.

HospiBuz: How does Peaur make sure that the water it manufactures serves ‘more in every drop’?

Mr. Mathur: Our mission is to provide a beverage that interacts, engages and be merited on the basis of its quality and the panache factor. As a brand we would like to emerge as the finest producer of premium natural drinks in India including but not limited to natural mineral water, natural nectar based fruit juices, natural flavoured vitamin rich water and sparkling water.

HospiBuz: Peaur, is one of the up coming brand for juices, mineral and sparkling, please tell us about the distribution and marketing strategy of the company ?

Mr. Mathur: We have built a very strong distribution channel for our complete product range. To start with, we are targeting all the premium convenience stores in Tier I cities. We plan to contribute our share in the Make in India initiative. We are distributing our products through all the Super Stockists, Mass Agents and all the leading distributors of India.

Currently we have introduced four variants in the juices category apart from natural mineral and sparkling water and we intend to continue expanding our horizons.

HospiBuz: Manufacturing and dealing in drinking water is one of the toughest industries and you have accomplished immensely in this sector, please tell us the challenges you faced while building the brand name of the company? 

Mr. Mathur: I believe that challenges have a tendency to deliver the best out of you. For me to venture into a completely new industry was a risk and I did encounter some road-blocks in between. The major challenge that still prevails is to to help people differentiate between packaged drinking water and natural spring mountain water and its benefits to the mankind as a high rich mineral contributor to the soul.

For our fruit juices we had to ensure that every whiff and granule is naturally sourced and packaged without adding no adulterants, preservatives or chemicals.

We are aware that positioning and selling a premium range and a priced beverage in India is not going to be an easy task, but with our determination and commitment to create a healthy world we take this challenge as our pride. The USP of being ‘superior’ and ‘natural’ is what sets Peaur apart and hence we are targeting patrons who prefer natural to artificial, overall health to simply quenching thirst and someone who is ready to pay that premium to get something extraordinary.

HospiBuz: What are the further expansion plans on Peaur business canvas for the upcoming year?

Mr. Mathur: Our vision is to meet the growing demand and address our commitment to India by tapping all the key markets of the country across Tier I and II cities. We are also planning to expand to other international markets and are already in talks with some of the key players in the UK and Dubai, we truly intend to make India proud with our Peaur products globally. As a brand we will continue to aggressively invest in ATL and BTL initiatives to expand the reach of our products and ensure that “everyone gets a sip of Peaur”.

HospiBuz: Please tell us how your Masters in International Business from Belgium helped you to set up Peaur?

Mr. Mathur: My education has helped me lay down the growth startegies for my brand. I truly believe in the importance of education as it helps in adding a more global outlook to business. I have studied international business that has enabled me to understand how the global economy works and creating strategic plans for our international operations.

HospiBuz: What is the mantra you have followed to build up the brand name Peaur?

Mr. Mathur: People often ask me, why ‘Peaur’ and not ‘Pure’. The ‘eau’ in the name means water in French and P & R depicts the two strong brand pillars that are “Pure” and “Refine”. The best way to answer this question would be that the name speaks of our ultimate goal, which is what we stand for and this is what we want our customers to experience through Peaur products.

HospiBuz: HospiBuz is functioning on its vision to be the foremost informative journalism portal wherever industry professionals can showcase their abilities, skills and success stories. Drawing on your experience and knowledge within the industry, what topics would you recommend that HospiBuz cover as it relates to the hospitality industry? Is there anything that you feel is currently lacking from hospitality industry journalism?

Mr. Mathur: Hospitality industry is dynamic and large hence there is always a need for the right platform to communicate the latest trends in the sector to reach out to the masses. I believe HospiBuz gives a great platform for the industry professionals to share their vision. It would be great to see HospiBuz organise some Panel and Forum discussions inviting the industry veterans to share their insights. A yearly reaserch conducted by a publication like yours pertaining to the growing trends in the sector is also something that one can explore.

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