In Conversation with Mr. Sohaib Kidwai Director of Sales and Marketing Hyatt Pune


Mr. Sohaib Kidwai, Director of Sales and Marketing Hyatt Pune, has an experience of eleven years in the field of Hospitality. Sohaib has previously worked with various Five star and luxury properties like Park Hyatt Chennai , JW Marriott Mumbai, Renaissance Mumbai and Grand Hyatt Mumbai to name a few. At Hyatt Pune, Sohaib’s core responsibilities include maximizing the hotel’s revenues through result oriented sales and marketing strategies and exploring business opportunities through events.

Apart from providing exceptional service to his guests this self proclaimed workaholic also loves to travel, explore new destinations and spend time with his family.

Hospibuz brings an exclusive interaction straight from the words of Mr. Sohaib Kidwai to know the spirit behind his continued success.

HospiBuz: Being a Director of Sales and Marketing brings a load of responsibilities on one’s shoulders. What motivated you to enter into this career segment and when did you realized that you possess those skills that are required in this field.

Mr. Sohaib Kidwai: Right from my childhood days I was always very fascinated with 5 star hotels and loved visiting them with family. When I was in IXth Standard I had decided to do Hotel Management and make a 5 Star hotel my work place.

HospiBuz: Please tell us about your corporate journey after graduating in Hospitality Management. What is the work Profile of a Director of Sales and Marketing on a usual day?

Mr. Sohaib Kidwai: I started as a Management Trainee with Marriott International in Food & Beverage and after couple of years shifted to Sales & Marketing. I am still very passionate about Food & Beverage but Sales & Marketing is something which comes naturally to me and I have always loved it.

On a usual day apart from making strategies for the hotel and implementing them, I also meet key clientele and stakeholders within and outside the hotel to continue and strengthen hotel’s business relationships. I also make it a point to spend time with my team and discuss their targets.

HospiBuz: You have worked with various five stars and luxury properties like JW Marriott Mumbai, Renaissance Mumbai, Park Hyatt Chennai, Grand Hyatt Mumbai and currently working with Hyatt Pune. It must be challenging but exciting to work with the different management team. Please tell us how do you deal with the change in the management team as mindset of customer base varies a lot with the cities?

Mr. Sohaib Kidwai: It’s been a great experience working with so many different types of hotels. Every hotel has given me a different experience and has helped me hone my skills. I have always believed that moving out of your comfort zone and working with a different Management and sometimes in a different city will always help you grow both professionally & personally.

HospiBuz: What are the few skills that you would say that are must for a Director of Sales and Marketing and how these skills can be polished and worked upon throughout the life.

Mr. Sohaib Kidwai: Most importantly you should love what you do every day. There should always be an element of creativity & fun with the team involved in your daily job routine. Being able to bond with guests, clients and team members is also an immensely important skill required for this profile.

HospiBuz: What do you like and dislike about the Sales and Marketing process?

Mr. Sohaib Kidwai: Meeting new and different people is the best part about Sales & Marketing. It helps you enhance your knowledge and always makes you learn something new.

Honestly, there is nothing which I dislike about Sales & Marketing.

HospiBuz: What advice would you offer to our readers who aspire to be the Director of Sales and Marketing?

Mr. Sohaib Kidwai: Be optimistic, empathise and always think of innovative ways to do both Marketing & Sales and needless to say work hard.

It’s important to have 3 P’s in Sales & Marketing- Prompt, Punctual & Passionate about Sales.

HospiBuz: HospiBuz is working on its vision to be the most informative journalism portal where industry professionals can showcase their talents, skills and success stories. With your immense experience and knowledge in the industry please suggest HospiBuz, on what Hospitality industry journalism needs the most and should be covered.

Mr. Sohaib Kidwai: HospiBuz should also cover employees who are very new to the industry and have just started their career. Understand from their perspective how they find the industry and their aspirations. Its important for the readers to know their thought process as they will be the future leaders in the industry.                                                           

Thank you so much for your prestigious time!!