Incredible Cake Boss


Your cakes are works of art in their own right, where do you get your inspiration?

Ashna budhia:- Inspiration is everywhere. Cake industry is ever changing, there’s plenty of information available on the internet to take inspiration from. But, if I have to name a person, it has to be Chef Joonie Tan. I met her while I was perusing Diploma in Patisserie at Lavonne Academy, Bangalore; the finesse with which she works is something I always look up to. She always keeps innovating & always aims for perfection. She’s a constant source of inspiration for me.

What’s the most memorable cake you’ve ever created?

Ashna budhia:- It has to be the Chandelier cake I recently did. Since, this cake is very technical and I did not attend any formal workshop to learn the nitty grities of it, it was a challenge completing this cake given that it was going to be a show stopper of the reception party. Assembling it was the main challenge, but I was happy I could figure a way out in the end and everything fell in place and the client was super happy.

What top tips would you give to someone who’s trying to develop their own unique style?

Ashna budhia:- Take inspiration from everywhere. 

1. Keep challenging yourself & keep pushing yourself out of the comfort zone

2. Keep practicing & never give up

3. Always remember, your work speaks for you more than your words ever will.

Share with us one high moment and a low moment from your journey as a home baker?

Ashna budhia:- There are plenty of high & low moments in a home bakers’ journey. Definitely, I had a lot of them too. 

One of my high moments was when I got an opportunity to bake for the famous cricketer Yusuf Pathan’s son. That moment I will always cherish. After all, not every day you get a chance to bake for a personality who has contributed towards the nation.

But there are times when your work challenges you and places you in a crunched situation. I cannot recollect one specific moment, but one of the challenges I have been constantly facing is logistics. Being a one woman army there are times when I lose out on orders due to lack of proper means to deliver and it becomes difficult managing everything single handedly and that sometimes holds me back.

In today’s generation, what is more important for a customer, the taste of the cake or design of the cake?

Ashna budhia:- Today’s world is all about putting the best foot forward. Aesthetics is what I feel wins the game at the first sight. After all, you eat your food with your eyes first. Although, the right balance of both certainly plays a key role in retaining your customers.

Has social media helped the bakers to highlight their talent and has it helped to increase their revenue?

Ashna budhia:- It has to be a big YES without a second thought. The entire world is on internet today. You can reach out to vide range of potential customers sitting at home which means more visibility, sales and more revenue. Also, awaits you a lot of competition too(haha)

How important are food colours and sugar paste for a baker?

Ashna budhia:- Very important. Since I work a lot with sugar paste, I am aware of its versatility. There are a lot of customisations that are only possible with sugar paste & food colourings. It has been a boon to bakers. Absolutely love working with it.

Given a chance please tell us which are the three people you would like to bake and what will you bake for them? 

Ashna budhia:- This is an interesting question. Shilpa Shetty –

1. I follow her Instagram page and she posts on her feed every Sunday, wherein she enjoys her cheat day eating desserts since she loves it but cannot have it on a weekday because of her diet. I would like to bake her a guilt free dessert (less sugar, no butter, no oil etc) which she can not only enjoy on the weekends, but can savour it guilt free on regular days too.

2. Chef Ruhee Bhimani – I’m completely into eggless baking and Chef Ruhee Bhimani is one such baker who can magically turn any recipe into an eggless one. She is one baker I look up to. It will be an honour to bake her classic eggless walnut brownies which is one of my best sellers.

3. Chef Pierre Hermé- He is one of the best French pastry chefs who in a way has introduced macarons to the world. It will be an honour to bake macarons with classic Indian flavours for him.