India’s first chandelier 7 tier cake which landed from 60′ feet height!


How did you curate the idea of turning a hobby into a business?

Seema and Rashmi:- A simple kick of doing nothing being highly educated and not having your own identity makes us think out of the box.. In our culture… Mostly, women after marriage are not allowed to do any 9-5 job or business.. aiming to make them financially independent..”The cake fairy by Seema and Rashmi” was conceptualized. 

Is there any special connection with the name ‘The Cake Fairy’ and please tell us how you come up with the name ‘The Cake Fairy’?

Seema and Rashmi:- Literally we had no idea our one thought could turn up like this….yes…Mrs Seema loves to make cakes very much and she played an angel or fairy role for me in our brand :The cake fairy by Seema & Rashmi” born 5.5 years ago on 15 may 2014. 

As a baker, do you like experimenting with some new ingredient every time you want to try something different?

Seema and Rashmi:- Yes off course..the hunger of serving something different and unique strives us a lot… We are self taught bakers,learned by doing trials n errors method…wasted tons of flours n throws uneven baked loaf, flattened macarons goes into the bin…etc… No one can become perfect until and unless they try, try & try till they succeed… But again being Super optimistic we are always ready to face the challenge and overcome all barriers. 

What do you think; quality or promotion or both helps in gaining more customers?

Seema and Rashmi:- Taste & quality as well as sound promotion both always matters, The cake fairy creates only spectacular masterpiece creation ,not ordinary all 3 aspects, quality ingredients, irresistible taste,eye catching looks. From the very beginning we have decided we won’t do any regular kinda boring pineapple cakes.. Mrs Rashmi Jain is the backbone for all the management & marketing tasks.. The sister duo started with 27 students n now trained more than 6000 ladies girls n boys as well in various city 

It’s a well-known fact that “Baking needs a lot of patience”. So, in the course of being multitasking, do you find yourself to be impatient?

Seema and Rashmi:- No..never ever… Indian women are born warriors,they never give up until they succeed what they wish to achieve , multi talented or multi tasker . They are passionate but not impatient.. Our journey was way too difficult, got so many bumpy roads towards our destination,got so many objections,heard a lot from everyone and never gave up.. The harder the hurdle was… The stronger the sis duo became.. Result is now in front of everyone… The respect,name & fame we got in society, the pleasure we saw growing our students day by day makes all our hard work worthy.

Where did you get the idea of making a 3D exotic fruits bar and please share the best compliment or feedback you have received for it ?

Seema and Rashmi:- Think out of the box,every time doing something new these two factors don’t allow me to sleep. We wake up with the thoughts of desserts,& end up our day with the dreams of it ..strikes this new fruity exotic 3 d bar 

“The best ever compliment we got this valentine a newly engaged couple…they said their love story is just like that chocolate bar Sweet as chocolate, Sour as tangy exotic fruits, No one is complete without each other & complementing each other. our idea to pour fruits n nuts in chocolate was a Super hit… 

What was the reaction of the people on the first look of the extravagant Chandelier cake made by you?

Seema and Rashmi:- Jaw dropping…. They all were ohhh my gosh…! 4400 eyes got stuck on it… Seema n me was having tears of happiness in our eyes when it was landing from sixty feet height .its for our parents 45 th anniversary n real brother wedding reception wearing 50 kg lehenga n assembling it is toughest part of this & we did it without any wedding planner or any event management company,But the Super proud eyes of our parents,newly wed bhabhi s blushing face n thousands of compliments makes our 2 month hard work from planning to execution worthy. It became India’s first chandelier 7 tier cake which landed from 60′ feet height … 

What impact of social media do you find in taking up your business high?

Seema and Rashmi:- Social media has certainly proven beneficial for. “The cake fairy By Seema & Rashmi”. its gives us the ability to showcase how our product, our creativity. Some platforms like Facebook , Instagram give our business the power to reach to our potential customers in affordable amount with faster and easier communication. It provides us limitless opportunities to connect with our participants. It also helps us to spread awareness about our brand, “What we are”, “What we do”, and helps us to conduct workshops in different-different cities. 

Any message for the females who are passionate about baking but not getting any platform?

Seema and Rashmi:- It’s the new age… There are so many platforms on social Media to learn baking.. All you need is curiosity to learn something.. The cake fairy by Seema & Rashmi is one of them.. From science of baking, understanding ingredients,for all the culinary skills finishing, from food photography to table set up, from refreshing mocktails to multi-cuisine …the list is endless… Be passionate about what you love to do and world will be yours one day…. Keep baking.. Keep growing.. Dil se!