Indulge in Culinary Bliss: Eve Unveils its Modern Haven in Worli


Mumbai – April, 2024 –
Worli’s upscale locale welcomes the exceptional addition! The team behind beloved city eateries have carefully crafted a haven tailored for dynamic young professionals, vibrant locals, and the bustling corporate community of Worli. From Monarch Liberty Hospitality and its founder Sumit Govind Sharma along with the team at Chrome Asia Hospitality, Eve endeavours to present a menu that transcends culinary boundaries, focusing on ingredients and techniques, complemented by innovative cocktails that push the boundaries of mixology. 

Eve’s interiors are a blend of modern comfort and old-world charm, inviting you to kick back and unwind in style. With cozy corners, stylish décor, and a laid-back ambiance, every visit feels like a mini escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

About The Food:

With a cuisine-agnostic approach, at the helm of all kitchen affairs is the talented chef Sanket More, with his previous stints at The Bombay Canteen & O-Pedro. Having entered the kitchen from a young age to satisfy his own cravings he’s come a long way to concocting the perfect dishes to satisfy the palates of the oncoming visitors. Like a true master and lover of his craft, he believes in constantly reinventing, observing the people around him, and taking up new and improved cooking techniques to always keep the creativity flowing in his dishes and deliver the best on the plate.

Eve’s eyesight is to provide a rich experience but in a sustainable manner. The produce & ingredient forward menu is a reflection of the same, from the beautifully crafted salads to the sous vide cooking methodology and a zero-waste policy to support the local communities, the innovative menu is designed to promote seafood diversity, sustainable fisheries, and healthy oceans, whilst sourcing only the highest quality ingredients to create vibrant and exciting culinary delights. Eve Worli’s latest culinary offerings boasts Roasted Turnip Soup, Berry Salad, Blue Pea Chopped Veg Dimsum, Spider Avocado Roll, Laksa Curry Bowl & Strawberry And Cream to name a few.

“Cooking is not just about recipes, it’s about crafting experiences that tantalize the senses and leave a lasting impression. In a restaurant setting, your staff typically hails from various backgrounds, bringing a mix of experiences and culinary influences. Embracing this diversity during briefings and brainstorming sessions sparks inspiration, encouraging the fusion of ingredients and ideas. Exploring and harmonizing flavors is essential for crafting exceptional dishes. Each country and region boasts a diverse array of signature ingredients. It’s a delightful journey that keeps creativity alive and flowing.”

chef Sanket More

Crafted Cocktails for Discerning Palates:
Coming to the drinks menu, the in-house mixologist Sachin Yadav, with his previous stint at Jolies & Silly Souls Cafe, has something magical up his sleeves that is transferred to every drink he makes, handcrafted with absolute precision and care to give the visitors a sweet taste of heaven in every sip. Some of his personal recommendations are – Mel-on-down, Sip to down,The tipsy guys and So called penicillin. Embrace these recommendations and elevate your drinking experience to a realm of refined pleasure and decadence.

So what are you waiting for? The stage is set and the space is ready. The restaurant and bar offerings are all about gathering with the gang over easy-eating food that’s executed well. Looking forward to hosting you next, at Eve!