Irresistibly Better Baking


Why did you choose to become a Baker? What role does baking perform in your life?

Zoya Mulla:- I am a fashion designer by profession; I had my own boutique before Sweet Home Bakery came into existence. It was around my fashion designing days when I conceived my firstborn and I wanted to be there for her, no matter what. As challenging as first-time motherhood is, I also wanted to keep doing something that would help me maintain my sanity. What better than pursuing a childhood hobby in its full glory? I used to bake as a child, and allow me to say, I was not good at it. My cakes would come out of the oven as hard as rocks. I got better at it with perseverance, I allowed myself to err and then made sure I never repeated it. Baking, apart from being my passion, is immensely therapeutic to me. After delivering my second child, I did plan on taking a 2-month break. But, given as passions go, I was back at it in two weeks! Baking is truly my muse.

Can we say that your fashion designing skills helps you to make cakes more creative?

Zoya Mulla:- I don’t think so since I have had a creative head since my childhood. Be it school projects, my own clothes, paintings, best of out waste, all these things bought out the creativity in me. In fact, best out of waste used to be my favourite pass time during vacations, trust me, I had my bed storage filled with multiple articles. 

When was the trigger to start Sweet Home Bakery?

Zoya Mulla:- I mentioned, that I had wanted to do something of my own after the birth of my 1st child. I had started baking pretty decent by then & soon after my brother got married & my sister-in-law tasted my bakes & she pushed me to get into baking head-on as she was confident that I would be a great baker & everybody else who had tasted, agreed to her & that’s how Sweet Home Bakery came into the picture. 

By far as a themed cake designer what has been your greatest accomplishment?

Zoya Mulla:- My greatest accomplishment is that I have learnt everything that I have made till date without taking any classes. I’ve honed myself by just looking things up on the internet combined with my own ideas & sleepless nights thinking of how a particular idea should be flawlessly executed. 

Quality of ingredients is very important to make cakes, please tell us which brand products do you trust the most?

Zoya Mulla:- Yes, the quality of these 3 ingredients matter to me most & I trust by a.) Amul butter & Amul products b.) Vanleer & 2m cocoa c.) Pettinice Fondant 

How would you describe your style in terms of finishing touches & cake decoration?

Zoya Mulla:- I would describe it in 3 words: Neat, Cute looking & Crisp. 

What do you think will be the culinary trends of 2020?

Zoya Mulla:- I feel the future would be all about healthy bakes and healthy food In general. Will try to come up with healthy alternatives.