Jazzy Jailers of the Industry


How does it feel knowing that your restaurant Kaidi Kitchen is among the top themed restaurants in India?

Ankit Madhogaria: It feels great when people appreciate and count us among the best which do give us a satisfaction of our hard work to which we never thought we would come this far without any plans during inception.

You’re looking for franchisees in tier-II cities like Jaipur, Surat,Raipur. Share with us the reason behind expanding the business in tier-II and not in tier-I cities?

Rohit Ojha: Its not the way you are perceiving of not looking to franchise our brand in Tier I cities, its just that the scope of expansion in tier II cities are immense due to their developing phase and also people don’t have much to explore in their free time with family and friends. Another reason is to give something unique to those masses who travel to metro cities to experience these dramatic themes with fusion food. Imagine they get those experience in their own city.

Scrapyard, Tyre Patty and Kaidi Kitchen is founded by you and partner Ankit Madhogaria, How did you bring your individual vision to the dinner table?

Ankit Madhogaria: Well when we were planning then the first question came in our mind was “how we will be different from other places?” as we never wanted to be too much conventional kind with simple ambience. So that was the main reason to get into theme along with multi-cuisine food.

You’ve stated that you always wished to give people an experience in a restaurant, How your restaurants look after providing experience to the guests?

Rohit Ojha: Yes, indeed experience is something that stays with you. So if you come to Kaidi Kitchen – you will experience imprisonment. From Jail theme décor to prisoner and police theme uniform of staffs. When you open our menu you will get facts about various prison around the world which do give you information about prison which you don’t get in any textbook or newspaper or any random magazine. Few items named in theme as well like baroodi aloo/dahi ke sholley etc So if you summarise this overall then its an experience which was something different when we started our 1st outlet.

What would you say is the signature style of Scrapyard also tell us about brewing Craft Beer?

Ankit Madhogaria: Scrapyard was planned when we felt a shift in trend and saw a gap which was again a Microbrewery Lounge. Good food/Good music/Good Cocktails/Good Beer. We explored best of beer places in the country and realised the future of brewery then we met our Brewer and now in last 10 months we have already given this city 10 different beer which is quite innovative, I guess. People actually started developing the taste for beer which is amazing.

What has been the philosophy behind Kaidi Kitchen Restaurant?

Rohit Ojha: “Experience Imprisonment” in this busiest techy world we still can come and experience those few moments bringing out the child in ourself united by food. As we all know “the love for food is the best love one can find”

At last, tell us about your favourite thing about being a Restaurateur & how does becoming a restauranteur changed your life, your direction?

Rohit & Ankit: Everyday is a new day, we learn about food about people about operation etc. Learning is never ending process and coming into this business have made us more kind, more socialite and more responsible towards small things as we are into this damn serious business. People trust us with quality and we do keep that, isn’t that the biggest responsibility in itself. This has completely changed the perception towards the life