Keeping hands on Traditional Baking


Some of your creations have knocked our socks off, but which do you consider your greatest culinary achievement so far?

Sharmeen Irfani:- I love all my creations and pour in the utmost dedication in my work as i bake mostly for the little kids with all their weird imaginations. The latest culinary achievement as I believe was my recent superhero cake for a little boy as I painstakingly designed it over and over again till I made him happy. Right from colour coordination to designing “A not so messy “cleaned finished superhero cake was a challenge.

Whatʼs your favourite cookbook and why?

Sharmeen Irfani: I have always been a fan of traditional baking ( like using eggs in place of other alternative) and love to play with the different recipe. I am a huge fan of Chef Gemma Stafford and her book BIGGER BOLDER BAKING as her recipes are simple can be magically executed very well. My recent fondness has been over to Macarons and lI hugely admire Tan Phay Shingʼs work. Her book MACARON is a keeper.

Have you ever had a baking or a cooking worst nightmare?

Sharmeen Irfani: Well, you cannot even imagine how can a cake just collapse when you did everything in place. It just happens and as itʼs said difficulties lead you towards your success. I had my worst nightmare when the cake fell apart right in front of my eyes after the box was opened. It was an embarrassing situation and happened in the first year of me as a baker. 

Please share with us your baking journey and what inspired you to open luscious bakers? 

Sharmeen Irfani:- Baking did not happen accidentally but cake decorating did. Since my childhood, I have been into baking stuff with my mother. As i grew up education was the priority and baking went apart. I worked as a Civil engineer and an interior designer past few years. Life did not go as it was planned and very soon I was a single mom raising my son all alone. During that time somewhere I started baking again and that made me happy. With my work, I got my happiness back and thatʼs how I came into starting my venture, Luscious Bakers.

What did you dream of becoming when you grew up?

Sharmeen Irfani:- I never wanted to be an engineering but i was being made into one. I always dreamt of something artistic and creative based profession and got into Interior Decorating. 

Kindly tell us, which cake youʼre most proud of making?

Sharmeen Irfani: All my cakes are a piece of my heart. Every time I bake and decorate a cake, the final outcome does make me proud at many times from where I was and how it took me here. Never an easy way! 

Whatʼs one of the greatest lessons, you have learnt in your career so far?

Sharmeen Irfani: Patience and perseverance takes it all and nothing can be achieved without hardship. The greatest lesson what i have learned is to stay strong and intact during your difficulties. 

Do you see the increase of demand of macarons in India? In your opinion what does Indian prefer more macarons or cookies? 

Sharmeen Irfani: Yes, it has been increasing gradually but still many people in India are not familiar with the delicacy of macarons. Majority of them preferably go with the cookie as itʼs cheap and easily available as compared to macarons. 

How important is food colour and chocolate for a baker? 

Sharmeen Irfani: Every baker is known for itʼs quality product and taste. No matter how beautiful the cake looks at the end itʼs all about the taste. I have been providing a premium good quality food colouring and chocolate in all my baking products and that’s why I know how important it is to provide good quality. The good products speaks itself.