Krishna Angira’s take on Food Photography


Photography has varied genus associated with it and Krishna Angira holds expertise in almost all of it. But as far as Food Photography is concerned, be it dimsums or dessert, he has extraordinary skills for it. He captures delicious food in all its lustre. He is well known for his perfectly-lit food shots. A service provider especially in chocolate photography and cookies he makes even the hard to capture things look as good as the real thing.

Hospibuz brings an elite interaction with Krishna Angira to know about his adventures into the Food Photography.

Hospibuz: Every successful person always has an inspiring story behind him/her. Please tell us what drove you into the field of Food Photography and about your journey in this field.

Krishna Angira: Shooting food was not a random call for me. I always wanted to do some great food assignments so I started shooting for my portfolio and thats how it began. So far its been a wonderful journey. Every new assignment teaches me new things and I become better for future work.

Hospibuz: Photography in itself is a diverse profession. How is Food Photography different from the other field of photography?

Krishna Angira: Food photography has some different challenges from the other field of photography like here you have to be very careful about the props you use. Each food product requires the different angle of shooting to show the details. The ingredients you are using must me fresh and in best shape etc.

Hospibuz: As it’s rightly said you eat with your eyes first. Please tell us about the responsibility that a Food Photographer holds for them.

Krishna Angira: That’s true, here your presentation matters the most. Photographer should be very careful about placing of the props and ingredients.

Hospibuz: What are some of the challenges that you face on the field and how do you overcome it?

Krishna Angira: Every shoot have some different challenges and sometimes you can not guess them. It’s your experience what helps you to over come all the challenges.

Hospibuz: What are some of the basic facts for a successful food photo shoot?

Krishna Angira:The basic to accomplish any food shoot is to do your homework, understand your product and keep it simple.

Hospibuz: What are some of the basic tools that you carry with you when you are on for a project on food photography?

Krishna Angira:It depends on the type of the shoot and theme of the shoot. Usually I always carry a macro lens with me rest is situational.

Hospibuz: Which is your most favourite and least favourite food photo shoot?

Krishna Angira: Mostly I like to shoot all types of food. There is no least favourite.

Hospibuz: How is the Food created for plating by chefs is intrinsically different from the food created to be photographed?

Krishna Angira: It’s different because we create it for eyes only and sometimes it is practically not possible for a chef to do the same. I like to go beyond the plate.

Hospibuz: What can be done more in the field of Food Photography?

Krishna Angira: This is a very tough question. People around the world are introducing new trends time to time so I think we need to keep ourselves updated and try to achieve something new from every assignment.

Hospibuz: Please share some tips for your admirers and to the aspiring food photographers who dream of entering into this field?

Krishna Angira: Basics are same for all types of photography. So I’ll say your basics must be strong to shoot anything. Choose the right lighting, angle and aperture to achieve the result you want.

Hospibuz: HospiBuz is working on its vision to be the most informative media house on hospitality where HospiBuz aims to cover well accomplished and budding heroes of hospitality sector. Please suggest, what should journalism in Hospitality sector covers the most?

Krishna Angira: Keep introducing new talent and finding hidden heroes is already a great work you guys are doing. Journalism should also focus on such points which helps this industry to improve the quality and service.

 Thank you so much for your prestigious time!!