Les Roches creating future of Hospitality in India


A conversation with Mr. Scott Dahl, Masters Program Director of Les Roches

In the current era, everyone is active on social media please tell us how has social media revolutionized the hospitality sector?

Mr. Scott Dahl: The hospitality industry is undergoing a digital transformation and social media is just a small part of it. With new intermediaries integrating the value chain of the traditional hotel business and new technology being developed, it is crucial to grow “techno-intelligent” managers with an ability to conceptualize and use digital technologies to reach and satisfy the customer.

Good revenue management can lead to better financial results in a hotel. Please tell us how important is Marketing and Revenue Management in a hotel and how important it is?

Mr. Scott Dahl: Revenue Management is a critical function for hotels, but it is just the one part of executing a successful revenue plan for a hotel.  The role of the Revenue Manager is evolving, as they take on many of the digital marketing responsibilities, and traditional marketing is still critically important.  What’s changing is that most of the actual communication is done digitally.

What courses is Les Roches offering to the hospitality aspirants in India? How different are the courses offered by Les Roches from any other hotel management institutes present in India?

Mr. Scott Dahl: Les Roches offers an undergraduate program (BBA in Global Hospitality Management) with specialization options such as Digital Marketing Strategies, and several graduate degrees such as the MBA and the Master’s degree in Hospitality Strategy and Digital Transformation. During their curriculum, students are offered opportunities to study abroad and to participate in study field trips in cities such as Dubai, Chicago, Shanghai and Paris. Les Roches also offer short courses for students and executive education for professionals.

Compared to other institutions, Les Roches is a private institution based on the Swiss model of applied research and experiential learning which focuses on “learning by doing”. The institution promotes entrepreneurship and innovation across all its programs on its three campuses in Switzerland, Spain and China without forgetting that education works best when it is delivered with passion and personalization.

Les Roches offers Masters in hospitality Strategy and Digital Transformation. Sir, please tell us its importance in the current period for the hospitality students and where will this digital transformation take the hospitality industry?

Mr. Scott Dahl: This master is a direct response to the industry’s needs to prepare future leaders for the challenges they will face in today’s digitally connected world. Indeed, it prepares students for a career in business strategy or entrepreneurship, focusing on the transformation of business models and new opportunities provided by digitalization, such as revenue optimization.

Successful completion of this program will provide students with the required skills and knowledge to face the digital transformation in the hospitality industry where new operators are shaking up the market.

Les Roches offers an Executive education course in the field of Global Talent Management. Please tell us about it?

Mr. Scott Dahl: The Global Talent Development portfolio is a collection of premium learning opportunities targeting middle and senior managers in the hospitality and other customer-centric business sectors looking to develop their skills and deepen their knowledge of the latest developments within the industry.

The portfolio offers a range of general management courses in finance, human resources, marketing, leadership, owner management, corporate governance and entrepreneurship to modules on innovation & technology, spa & wellness, service and culinary excellence. In addition, the “Master the Gap” program combines several modules over a course of 9-12 months for aspiring General Managers.

All courses combine face-to-face interactions across a global network of campuses with flexible online learning and are tailored according to participants’ needs.

What do you think is the future of Les Roches in India and how helpful will it be for the Indian Hospitality Industry?

Mr. Scott Dahl: The goal of Les Roches is to contribute to the Indian hospitality industry by nurturing and developing future leaders.  This year, in partnership with The Indian Hotels Company Limited (IHCL), Les Roches launched a campaign, The Next General Manager of India, to address the skills gap in Indian luxury hospitality and prepare the next generation of leaders to support the growth in the industry. The winner received a full scholarship to Les Roches’ MBA in Global Hospitality Management in Switzerland and a place on an IHCL fast-track development program. Additionally, we are supporting the World Travel Forum Lucerne (WTFL) in Bangalore, by providing prizes and participating directly in the event as a mentor and coach. With 200 companies recruiting at Les Roches every year, the opportunities are incredible for Indian students for a long-term career within our industry.