Let your customer talk about your Restaurant


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Marketing of restaurants is more dramatic than you think. What was working 10 years ago is no more in use today. In the days of such high competition, what is it that helps you bring more customers to your restaurants? Let’s change the question. As a customer which restaurant would you prefer to go. A restaurant which is suggested by many people. Word of mouth Marketing is one of the most effective types of marketing these days for your restaurant. It will cost you very little and often it is free of cost.

For many people opinions matter a lot. A suggestion about your restaurant from their family or friend will for sure bring them to your restaurant. Humans always want to talk as they are social creatures. The more they talk about your restaurant the better. 80% of people trust their personal networks for recommendations. Make sure they talk positively about your restaurant. And for making them talk positively, all you have to do is take care of your customer when they are in your restaurant. Here are a few tips which can make your customers repetitive and can make them suggest your restaurant to others.

#Surprise your customer, whenever they come to your restaurant.

Amaze your customers regularly. Stand out from the other restaurants. Give your staff proper training on customer care. Good food and best services are the two main to cook your recipe of success. Provide them free Wi-Fi and surprising daily deals. Live music is something which creates a beautiful environment in your restaurant. Try it. Give music to your customers of their own choice.  Give them an incredible experience in your restaurant. Get to know your regular customers and their choices. Tell them about what’s new and innovative in your menu. Thank them for visiting your restaurant. Customer service is something which attracts the customers more.

#Discounts never fail in attracting customers.

Provide discounts to your loyal customers. A discount of a free appetizer. Loyal customers serve as great brand ambassadors. Plan a program of “the more a customer visits, the more benefits he gets” for your restaurant. This will benefit both the customer and your restaurant. Offer them Birthday meals via E-mails. Make your membership cards for your regular customers.  Host wine tasting events and cooking classes for your regular premium customers. Let them participate in lucky draw games such as, ‘heavy discounts to the winner for the next 3 visits’. More the creativity in your restaurant better the customer traffic.

 #Be helpful to your customers. 


Stay active on social media. Provide extra services to your customers. When you are socially active, provide something to your customers which is of their use. Provide useful and relevant content to your social media followers. Content which would prove to be helpful for them. Know how it will relate to their lives and how it will help them. Consider sharing some tips of healthy cooking and some kitchen and cooking hacks. Make sure your staff is helpful towards the customer when they are in your restaurant.

#Engae with your customers.

Engage with your regular customers in restaurants as well as on social media. When they are in the restaurant, make sure your waitstaff is polite to them and knows about your regular customers.

Provide them online and encourage them to invite their friends through those gift cards. Organise Chef meetings for them. Gift them your recipe books. Ask your customers for their feedback about the food and services. Ask for their suggestions. Invite them on your social media pages and let them know about you more.