Metallic is a new Fondant


What is the last thing you made that was really memorable?

Pooja Udhwani:- The last thing I made is a birthday cake for my mentor with which I tried palette knife technique on whipped cream for the first time and for that I got 1.2k likes on home bakers guild with lots of appreciation.

What is your favourite sweet ingredient of the moment?

Pooja Udhwani:- Sweet ingredient Of the moments are strawberries

Can you give us a sneak peek about Sugar Cottage? 

Pooja Udhwani:- *We bake your wishes*     Sugar cottage started this journey 4 years back. We are specialized in fondant, sugar flowers, creamcakes, and we do customization and designer cakes and that too with love.

When constructing a pastry dish – how do you think about the presentation and plating style? 

Pooja Udhwani:- There are 7 points to remember while plating and presentation.

Emphasis: The primary ingredient in the dish should take up the most space on the plate and attract the eye.Balance: Think about the plate as a whole and avoid weighting one side heavier than the other.Contrast: Place contrasting shapes and colours beside each other for visual appeal.

Colour: Choose complementary colours or create a focal point with a single burst of bright colour.

Texture: The various textures of the dish should be visible in the components of the plate.

Simplicity: Avoid overcrowding by using as few elements as necessary for the dish to feel complete.

Plate: Choose a plate that fits the size and arrangement of the dish without leaving too much empty space.

Given a chance, what would you like to change about the bakery world? 

Pooja Udhwani:- “SAY NO TO PRESERVATIVES”      that’s what I would like to change.

What’s one tip you have for younger home bakers? 

Pooja Udhwani:- My only Tip to the young bakers is don’t look at this profession only as business point of view but take it as a passion and you will be successful Use ingredients which are good and healthy shall not create any issue for your clients.

How important is the cake icing for a good cake? 

Pooja Udhwani:- Frosting and a neat icing has become a very essential part of the caking making process. Somehow your cake just gets look so much lovelier and better with a clean, beautiful coat of frosting on it. Since it is one of the most aesthetic parts of readying your work, doing it in the best possible way is a must.

If you get a chance to bake a cake for the Prime Minister of India what would you bake and why? 

Pooja Udhwani:- In respect of our PM, I would like to bake a cake on the theme of Swach Bharat Abhiyan as that is the great initiative taken by our PM and followed by people of our country and that too sugarfree my best seller dates and walnut cake.