Nothing is enough when you dream to make it Best


Why did you choose to become a Baker? What role does baking perform in your life?

Nima Pashankar:- My mother was a very good cook and a baker of her time and she is my real role model who has inspired me by developing my  interest towards baking , I strongly believe that its her gifted inheritance which has inculcated a strong desire within me to develop a specialist cooking hobby which ultimately got converted into passion.

When it came to baking , I thought to make it useful for all my near and dear ones by having a professional installation for baking , that’s how Nims was invented four years ago , now it became my soul. I work hard to make my dreams in to reality that is one of the positive change I got in my life, more to this I chose baking because its like a meditation for me, it helps me go beyond my own creativity level and make people’s dream come true.

How would you describe your style in terms of finishing touches and cake decoration?

Nima Pashankar:-Baking itself is an art but nothing is enough when u dream to make it best, everyday is a learning process each case of decoration is a new challenge for me, I devote maximum time n effort when it comes to decoration because  product has to be tasty plus decoration creates a visual impact which ultimately transforms into great creativity. I attain workshops n seminars to add more skills to myself. Learning never stops but makes me more confident on my creation . Also our style of creating a masterpiece includes perfection and zero compromise with products and designing.

What are some of your favourite flavour combinations?

Nima Pashankar:- There are multiple combination of my choice , however more of fruity flavour are fascinating for me as it represents nature as the best. Still some of my favourite flavour combinations are , Carrot Cakes with cheese cream, mix of Indian flavours such as fresh cream with Honey Rose petal, Baileys Irish cream and Ferraro Rocher.

Nims Cakes n Craft is also a confectionery store how precisely you look forward with the freshness of the products?

Nima Pashankar:- As previously mentioned, we never comprise with Our products , thus all our confectionery products are always freshly baked in modern equipped kitchen, we make sure that the shelf life of our products and the freshness doesn’t get comprised due to any reason. Though there are many cake shops in the vicinity of Pune , one should stand outstanding when one takes its as ones profession as passion and that’s how our products becomes our identity and attracts our fans. We invest our time and energy to improve the products everyday to be the choice of more and more people. This is only a key to remain in the heart of our customer.

What inspired you to pursue baking professionally and what is the most difficult part of being a cake artist?

Nima Pashankar:- Well I have decided to become a professional cake designer because I wanted to help people celebrate their special days with their dream cakes, the most difficult part about me being a cake artist is at times it gets a little difficult to make our client understand about the exact process of any particular type of method specially in fondant cakes because by the end of the day its mare hard work and very delicate designs we get. When customer consume our products their expression gives us  immense satisfaction unless you devote maximum time in your profession you cant really create one. It needs maximum passionate touch when you create something great . There is no success until you face difficulty. So count the achievement and not difficulties that’s what I feel.

How different is it to run a confectionery store as compared to being a home baker?

Nima Pashankar:- It’s a whole entire different experience to run a confectionery store as compared to being a home baker. Home bakes world remains limited up to satisfaction of family, but when you become professional baker your world is limitless and your role becomes more pivotal in increasing your customer base. we really get to explore a lot of different process with a team and it gets easy also to execute with a team in nicely equipped store. 

Kindly tell us, which cake you are most proud of making?

Nima Pashankar:- The most proud making moment and feeling of immense happiness and pleasure I get is when I see amazing happiness on the faces of my twin grandchildren Adaan and Amani ,when I make their birthday cakes .  My grandchildren present me with a New Theme Cake challenge on their birthday’s 2nd February. I make series of cakes on their birthday i.e from Army to Tinkerbell, Fire Truck to Peppa Pig, Underwater world to Construction Vehicle Theme. I generally make 3 sets of cakes for them. One for family second one for school and third for their friends. I try to give my best when these cakes are to be crafted because they expect best creation year on year , so I have to be really more vigilant on my creative skills. Every time my creation for them is like pure joy, excitement and happiness which gives me immense satisfaction and joy looking at their happy faces. Also My grandchildren keenly observe even the finest details and appreciate the efforts, showering me back with lots of hugs , kisses and unconditional love .