Planning and Execution makes a perfect cake


How do you help couples to choose their cake flavours and which is the most trending flavoured cake currently? 

Azmi Ebthissam:- I will arrange a brief conversation with the client to know their preferences regarding flavours, I usually help them by giving 4-5 options to select from. I also try to understand if they have any allergies towards nuts/eggs etc. This will always give me a good idea of where to go and what to create for them. 

With Current Wedding trends, I make cake with real melted chocolates or fresh berries or ground nuts to create natural flavours that are not overly sweet. For me, a cake’s taste is always classic, No matter the Flavour. 

It seems like cake designs have become more outrageous in the last 10 years, what is your opinion? 

Azmi Ebthissam:- With the increase in demand and expansion of this industry, customers are looking for varieties in designs, options and picture-perfect cakes. Even though we still get orders for simple cakes, most people prefer to keep a touch of themselves and uniqueness to their cakes. That’s where we come, to make their dream come true. Every cake that we bake has a story to tell. 

What’s the most memorable wedding cake you’ve ever created? 

Azmi Ebthissam:- My most memorable baking experience was when I baked a cake for my dear friend Milan’s wedding. To me, this had to be the best cake I had ever made and made it special just like how he is to me. I had a brief session with him to know how he would like his cake to look like on his special day. As he is a chocolate lover, he preferred an 8 tier double chocolate cake. The real challenge was to complete it in a day, however, I knew this was one of an experience for me. 

As we studied together, I was expecting so many of our friends to come together and it was the best platform to showcase my love for baking. I put all my time and effort to get this ready for the wedding in such a short span of time and as I wished it was one of the most beautiful cakes I had ever made. This was later shared on my social media handles and I received so many positive and supportive comments from my social media followers. 

How do you make sure that customers receive tier cake appropriately without getting spoilt? 

Azmi Ebthissam:- I always transport the cake as single tiers and construct the cake on arrival. If it’s 2-3 tiers, I will stack the cake and give out for delivery. But I will make sure the cake is properly good 2 hours before transportation. A centre dowel going through all tiers will help to keep the cake more stable when transporting a stacked cake.

How would you describe your cake design process? 

Azmi Ebthissam:- I feel client satisfaction is the most important parameter to success. I send them a brief form and ask them to give me details of the event, color codes, 

decorations, themes, their likes, dislikes etc. I request clients to take this seriously and spend at least 10-15 minutes filling out this form. This will allow me to get an overall idea of the event and make the baking process more aligned towards client needs. I also give my inputs based on past experiences to avoid pitfalls. 

How important is the cake packing or cake boxes used for delivery for a baker please tell us your most favourite cake boxes company? 

Azmi Ebthissam:- It’s very important to secure a cake with packing. Never transport a cake unboxed, choose strong cake boxes to store the cakes. I Use good quality thick cake boards of the exact size of the cake box, this will stop the cake moving in the box during the transportation. I usually use window tiered cake boxes of company Omkraft from Amazon. 

Tell us about the most used ingredient by you, where do you get it from? 

Azmi Ebthissam:- In one word, I can say its Edible Embellishments such as hard candies, chocolates, nuts, fruits, sprinkles etc. It’s commonly available in all leading Supermarkets. 

Please tell us how to make a photo print cake perfectly? 

Azmi Ebthissam:- First of all, Make sure that photos for printing have good clarity. Keep the photo print in its plastic bag until we are ready to use it. Take it out of the bag about 20 minutes before applying it to the cake, to allow time for it to dry out slightly. This will make it easier to peel from the backing sheet. 

The print should peel off easily. Do not force it. If its sticking to the backing sheet, this is probably due to the temperature and humidity in the room. In that case, gently apply a hair dryer to the print for 30 seconds then try again. Hold the print gently and place the middle onto the cake first, then smooth it out to the edges with the palm of your hand. If any bubbles or wrinkles appear in the photo, gently pat them out with a dry finger. Finally, design the cake using a nozzle having cream with the majority colour used in the print.