Queen of Topsy Turvy Cakes


Aditi, why did you give up on your career as a Lawyer and opted baking. Also, please walk us through the journey of Sweet Boutique by Aditi? 

Aditi Garware:- Being artistic is an inherent trait for me, which naturally blossomed me into a love for cake art, thanks to the influence of international cake-off shows, competitions etc. That I grew up watching. I have completed my double degree in Law from the prestigious ILS Law College in Pune, then made the career-cartwheeling decision to pursue my passion to delight and satiate the innumerable cake lovers spread all over India. “Considering my degree in Law, baking was the most unlikely of all the jobs to be taken up. I did short courses in Pune and kept practising on my own. I polished my skills by attending workshops of international artists and chefs. My speciality is to create unique couture cakes. From a very young age, I had an artistic streak and I loved exploring my creativity. Eventually, I took the plunge to become a cake artist. It was a huge career risk but it paid off!” Today Sweet Boutique is a renowned brand in Pune & Mumbai for unique custom cakes. Aditi has been featured in various newspapers, magazines, e- portals, etc. She has been invited to contribute to various cake collaborations. Aditi also conducts various baking workshops & cake decoration classes all across India. She also travels to teach various students at Expos, exhibitions, Conventions, events, etc. Aditi was also a nominee at the Indian Cake Awards- Rising Star West India Division. She has been chosen as one of India’s Top 50 home bakers & Pune’s Top 25 by Homebakers.co.in She is also a proud ambassador for famous brands like Ultimakes India and Magic Colours. In 2017, Aditi also founded “Garware Foods- one-stop-shop for all baking raw material” in Pune when she found the dearth of good raw material supply store in Pune. Through Garware Foods she helps the bakers of Pune source the best quality raw material at reasonable prices. 

Do you have any recipe or something that you create now that makes you feel emotional when you cook or bake it? 

Aditi Garware:- I have always loved cake decoration & I keep challenging my skills. I decided to take the plunge & learn anti-gravity cakes. My mentor, Handi Mulyana from Australia helped me fulfil my dream & gave me immense confidence to recreate gravity-defying cakes. I never thought that what I was learning as art would define my career in the cake industry. My signature Topsy Turvy Cake is very very close to my heart. I started with a simple design of Lost in Candyland Topsy Turvy cake and in no time it gained so much popularity. I have lost the count of topsy turvy cakes that I have made. It makes me teary-eyed and emotional to see the love my clients & students have shown for my Topsy Turvy cakes. It truly is very close to my heart & it has given me direction to venture out into more challenging anti-gravity cakes. 

At Bakery Business 2019 you demonstrated to make cheesecake shots. How often do you participate in such expo and how it helps budding bakers that follows you? 

Aditi Garware:- At bakery biz, I demonstrated cheesecake shots at the Apura premium spreads stall. It’s always a pleasure to work with esteemed brands. I love demonstrating at such expos as it takes me so close to my students. I love to interact with them and solve their queries. Many students drop messages on Instagram & Facebook regarding queries, doubts, classes. These expos are like bridges which join us together. It is so encouraging when students shower you with love and in return, you can give them some baking knowledge which they can use in their business. 


Is there a cookbook that you feel most close to and why? 

Aditi Garware:- The book that I am close to is Sugar Flower Skills by Alan Dunn. Alan Dunn is the God of Sugar Flowers. This book is a guide for both the novice and more experienced sugar flower makers. The art of making sugar flowers has fueled my passion and played the biggest part in my approach to cake decorating. It has given me a wide spectrum to play around with the medium. Alan Dunn is so inspiring and creative. This book has the perfect combination and suggestions which we can use to our own taste and create unique work. I specialise in making life-like & life-size sugar flowers. This book illustrates the perfect methods and techniques which helps me to create artistic sugar flowers. 

As far as going out to eat or drink, do you have a favourite spot in Pune & What are your favourite flavours and foods in general? 

Aditi Garware:- I am a complete foodie and love experimenting with various cuisines. Pan- Asian, Malvani/ Goan and Mexican top my list. A simple platter of Prawns & a glass of Chenin Blanc is my perfect indulgence. For Pan- Asian, I love Malaka Spice, Royal China at The Westin & Shizusan. For authentic Malvani & Goan Seafood, my picks are Vernekar’s Goan Fish Curry, Nisarg and Bhalekar’s Khanaval. For a cosy family dinner, my pick will be Spice Kitchen at J.W. Marriott. For a night with friends, Miami at the Marriott and Classic Rock Cafe top my list. A casual lunch would be at Le Plaisir. 

If you had to reinterpret a traditional pastry, which one will it be? 

Aditi Garware:- If I had to reinterpret a traditional pastry, it would be the Opera. Opera is my most favourite and the flavours are so classic that they can never go wrong. The almond cake soaked it coffee syrup is to die for & the espresso buttercream is so drool-worthy. The bittersweet chocolate ganache gives it the perfect balance. My reinterpretation would be a Raspberry Opera. The tartness in the raspberry will surely add the zing to the recipe. Also, the exotic fruit will make the dessert all the more fresh & yummy. Some raspberry compote between the layers can add an edge to the dessert. 

How do you define your style of Baking in reference to couture cakes? 

Aditi Garware:- My style of baking in reference to couture cakes is very simple. I do make humongous and crazy cakes with superlative planning & technique but my baking style is exactly the opposite- simple & stress-free. I started baking as it gave me happiness. So, I always liked my recipes to be very simple, single bowl method, household ingredients to be used, non-fuss equipment which are easily available, etc. I always tell my students that do not complicate baking. It is something you should enjoy & not sweat on. So, baking for me is therapeutic. Keep it simple and keep it yummy. 

How important is cake levellers for you as a baker and which is your favourite brand that provides you with perfect cake levellers? 

Aditi Garware:- Frankly speaking, I don’t use cake levellers. I prefer a perfect, sharp serrated knife to cut my cakes. It gives me the freedom to play around with all shapes, sizes and weight of cakes. Practice makes a man perfect. The knife is your friend. Use it with correct technique and you don’t need a leveller.