Recipes from Rayomund Pardiwallah, Executive Chef, Gokulam Grand Hotel and Spa


Recipe: Tiranga Burfi


ü ½ cup ghee

ü 2 cup khova

ü 1 cup sugar

ü ¼ tsp cardamom powder / elachi powder

ü 2 drop orange food colour, red + yellow

ü 2 drop green food colour


ü Firstly, in a wide pan heat ½ cup ghee.

ü Once the ghee is hot add in 2 cup khva

ü Keeping the flame on low.

ü Roast khova till it turns aromatic. Approx. 2 minutes. Keep aside.

ü In another kadai take 1 cup sugar

ü Stir well and dissolve sugar.

ü Boil the sugar syrup till one string consistency has reached.

ü Now keeping the flame on low

ü Stir continuously, till the khova gets combined well without any lumps.

ü Add in ¼ tsp cardamom powder and mix well.

ü Cook the khova mixture till it forms a flowing consistency batter.

ü Divide the khova mixture into 3 equal parts for making 3 layers.

ü Also mix 2 drop orange food colour (red + yellow) and 2 drop of green food colour in each.

ü Spread the orange layer and flatten with a cup.

ü Further spread plain khova layer followed by green layer and flatten with a cup.

ü Allow to rest for 1 minutes or till it sets completely.

ü Now reverse and cut into square pieces.

ü Finally, serve tiranga burfi