Replicating Fondant Cake into Cream Cake


What helped you to turn the bakery into the profession? What is your support behind ‘Minashree’s Baking Delights’? 

Minashree Barve:- I always loved Cooking and Baking. After completing my post-graduation in IT it was difficult to do the job as I had to look after kids by then I started by taking small cooking workshops which helped me to get recognized and I started getting orders from then. I had never thought of being in this profession but my passion made me get into this. Biggest support behind Minashree’s Baking Delights is my Family.

What is the difference in taste between fondant and a non-fondant cake? Which is more in customer’s demand? 

Minashree Barve:- Difference between a Fondant cake and a Non-Fondant Cake is huge. Right from its texture to its taste, everything is different. Fondant cakes hare bit sweeter than our regular cream cakes, Look wise fondant cakes has beautiful finishing when compared to cream cakes. People here In Pune like a soft and very moist cake as in melt in the mouth so when they come across a fondant cake they are a bit sceptical about it as the texture of fondant cake and cream cakes are completely different. Many of the times customers prefer cream cakes over fondant cakes.

Bakery is a lot more than cakes. What do you serve at your bakery in dessert items? 

Minashree Barve:- Yes, Bakery Is a lot more than cakes but as of now I am only into cakes, different kind of cakes Teatime, cream cakes, fondant cakes
My forte is replicating Fondant Cake into Cream Cake.

Have you ever made a mithai-cake combination? How was the outcome? Did your customers like it? 

Minashree Barve:- Yes, I have tried many Mithai cakes such as :
Rasmalai Cake
Gulabjamun Cake
Motichoor Cake
Rabdi Cake
Rabdi Jalebi Cake
My Customers love Rasmalai Cake and Rabdi Cake.  They comeback for these cakes always.

How do you preserve the cakes and make sure that it does not get spoiled? 

Minashree Barve:- I believe serving fresh cakes to customers. I never preserve my cakes. Whichever cake is baked at my place is freshly baked and is served on the same day.

Which is your favourite chocolate brand for baking a cake ? 

Minashree Barve:- Vanleer, 2M and Morde are my go-to brands for Chocolate.

Many of the bakers have started their workshops. What is your unique point that makes your workshops different from others? 

Minashree Barve:- I like the idea of the workshop but I haven’t taken any after coming into this profession . I believe if anytime in the near future I plan for a workshop it which will be a detailed one . Being a self-learner I have gone through many failed recipe’s and correcting damaged cakes and many more. So whoever comes for my workshop they will get complete knowledge.

You won two prizes in the cake competition both for cream cake and cake painting category. How was the experience and share your happiness in one line? 

Minashree Barve:- Winning Cake Competition at Cake A Thon was a dream come true moment for me. I had participated in Cake-A-Thon last year too but wasn’t able to win any prize at that time.

But this year I had decided to win this. Gone through many themes, many works of international artist’s and a lot of practice.

As I said cream cake is my forte, but cake painting was something new for me. Initially, I thought I would make a fondant cake and paint it as it will be easy to do so but at last moment I had to make it on a cream cake, I was actually confused about what I was going to do as I had never ever tried cake painting before. I started painting on the cake and I simply continued and it turned out really good. Even if it was good I had never expected that I would win the prize for it.

I was sure of what I was going to make in Cream Cake category but the competition was really tough this time. Other entries were amazingly done and at that time I thought I won’t be able to win But when the results were announced I was shocked.

Not once but twice. It was really a dream come true moment.

How did you get an idea of coming up with your signature combination of making Rasmalai cake with Red Velvet ? 

Minashree Barve:- Combination of Rasmalai Cake with Red velvet idea  has actually come from my customer. And its been really loved by all.