Rock out with Macarons


What do you love most about your job: 

Aarti Mehta:- I enjoy every bit of my job! The most primary reason that has kept me hooked in this field is that we get a chance to display our creativity. As I conduct workshop’s too, I strongly believe that “Knowledge increases with sharing”. The student’s connection and happiness gives immeasurable pleasure. I am very happy for myself to be a part of such a creative professional field. 

Why do you think macrons have become so popular? 

Aarti Mehta:- Yes! The popularity of this French sweet cookie is getting increasing day by day. The very first reason for that is nowadays there is a huge demand for vegan products and this what led me to start making it. Secondly, nowadays Dessert tables have become a staple feature of modern celebrations. Along with the cake, tiny treat desserts are served together. 

So these dainty macrons are really getting popular as they are delicious, pretty and they can be flavoured and decored in several ways as per client requirement. Thus this finicky cookie suits in every occasion and hence made its position in the baking industry. 

What demand and Growth you see in Chandelier cake 

Aarti Mehta:- Today a cake is the centre of attraction of any celebration. With such customised cakes people express their feelings for their loved ones. The current trend is indicating that Chandelier cakes are catching up and are in demand as they don’t only add glamour to the occasion but surprises every invitee who is part of that occasion. I feel definitely we will see this trend continue growing. 

Please tell us a story about the hard time you faced when you first started your journey? 

Aarti Mehta:- When I look four years back when I started this journey, I realize the biggest challenge I did face was to explain and convince potential clients on home-baked products pricing are higher compared to market due to the much better quality provided. It was back then more difficult for me as I am perfectionist, it didn’t allow me to compromise on quality. Goes without saying that there is tremendous efforts, long hours, dedication, time devoted even today. However, with time things have fallen well in place. 

Where do you find inspirations for a new design or new products? 

Aarti Mehta:- Now with Social media world has become so small where you find a large community of professional bakers and learn about their new products and designs. This platform helps you to get connect with them and this increases the awareness of the new products and designs. I genuinely love and follow Prachi Dhabal Deb’s and Rumana’s Jassel’s Creations. 

You also like making Indian Mithai, What do you prefer eating more mithais or bakery items? 

Aarti Mehta:- Yes I love Mithais as well as Bakery items as I have a serious sweet tooth ☺ But if need to be compared, both make their own presence, like Mithais are part of our culture and will always have an emotional bond with Indians, while Birthdays, anniversaries, send-offs are incomplete without Bakery items. 

In fact, nowadays, people love fusion such as Gulabjamun cake, Rasmali Cupcakes etc. 

For you what is the most essential thing while baking and cake decorations? 

Aarti Mehta:- The most essential thing for baking is the proper organization. As baking completely relies on precise measurements, so having your baking station prepared priorly is very important. Secondly knowing your oven temperature plays a crucial role. 

Coming to the cake decoration part, that is the most important job we bakers devote more of our time. As it is said, ”You eat with your eyes first”. So while designing the cake we need to consider the colour palette, texture as per the theme of the cake. So overall all each and every factor are very important in baking and in cake decoration. You need to do it very patiently and hygienically.