Satisfying your Sweet Tooth


Tell us about what you are working on currently? 

Arti Shroff:- We currently make a lot of themed and customised cakes and dessert tables for first birthdays and photoshoots. We are working on several projects this week with themes like hot wheels, bikes, astronauts and outer space, floral themes with fresh flowers etc 

What process do you follow, to create all-new desserts? 

Arti Shroff:- To create new desserts the first thing we do is study the market trends. Then we try to find a base recipe to start with. We do a number of trials and keep tweaking the recipe till we find the perfect fit. 

Most people think that fondant Cakes are not tasty what is your opinion about this?

Arti Shroff:- I am personally not a huge fan of fondant covered cakes. We always recommend that our clients go for a cake finished in coloured buttercream or whipped cream and use fondant only for the accents and design elements. 

Are there any particular career highlights that you can tell us about or any moments that have stood out for you?

Arti Shroff:- Last 2 years, in particular, have been fantastic for Dolcie. We were featured in several magazines nationwide including wedding vows and the week. We were also featured in several local news articles and I was voted amongst the top 100 Indian bakers by home this entire journey has been a stupendous experience for us. 

Do you use savoury ingredients in your desserts?

Arti Shroff:- We have not yet experimented with too many savouries in our desserts but lately have been experimenting with some herbs and nuts like thyme, lavender, rosemary, pecan, macadamia etc. We are still developing these recipes and hope to launch them in 2020. 

What’s a typical day for you as a Home Baker?

Arti Shroff:- My usual working hours are 9 am – 3 pm with a short lunch break. These are basically my son’s school.hours. once he is home the rest of the day belongs to him. However, if I still have work leftover especially fondant work then I do that late at night once he sleeps, sometimes even up to 1-2 am.

Which is the most popular of all your creations and why? 

Arti Shroff:- Our cupcakes and cake pops have been the most popular amongst the dessert table items. As far as flavours go, our eggless red velvet which we pair with white chocolate buttercream and our Belgian chocolate are still amongst the top flavours for the old school clients. For those who like to try out of the box flavours, our lemon blueberry and rose pistachio are hot favourites.