Startling Wedding Cakes


What’s the latest dessert you created, and what was your inspiration?

Pinkle Sachdev:- I participated in global competition, the Indian culture online competition. I choose the category of wedding cakes. I wanted to create something different which is not commonly seen. So I decided to make this cake on Punjabi bride & groom rotating front & back to showcase the Punjabi culture in it with bride’s lehnga with Phulkari, Chura, kalire, heavy jewellery, maang tikka with edible block print dupatta. Punjabi groom traditionally wear pagati with kalagi, churidaar, sherwani with embellishments & sword which groom keeps at the time of wedding rituals. 

And top of it I assured that I wouldn’t rotate it manually for that I found the appropriate machine which can take its weight & rotate it. I hung it as a chandelier. It was rotating perfectly. There I got the utmost satisfaction in my work. 

How much do you emphasize on the appearance of the cake?

Pinkle Sachdev:- Cake decorating is one of the sugar arts that uses vast range of decorative elements to make plain cakes more visually interesting, that is fondant, gum paste, royal icing, marzipan, modelling chocolate, wafer paper and many more. 

I keep trying to learn new techniques to give it a perfect look  & quality of the cake is also a primary focus for me.

I try my best not to settle down anything less than perfect. I feel perfection is the only way to motivate oneself because when we chase perfection we can catch excellence. 

What are some of your favourite cookbooks for pastry or savoury?

Pinkle Sachdev:- Though I am not fond of reading still I have two books. One is of Chef Vikas Khanna’s – Young Chefs. I love Chef Vikas Khanna. So I own this book and my 13 years daughter makes dishes from that book. Another book that i have is CAKE BIBLE  by Rose Levy Beranbaum. I think the name of the book itself tells about the book. The best book I have ever got. It has plenty of content to make you a perfect chef. 

How do you think Indians perceive dessert typically?

Pinkle Sachdev:- There is no denying the fact that desserts give a befitting end to any meal! 

Side by side festivals or occasions can’t be completed without sweets. So it’s a must thing to impress. But these days simple traditional desserts are big No No. People want new innovations in traditional desserts and we pastry chefs are trying to deliver. People wants fusion in cakes too, Like Ras malai, gulab jamun, jalebi, rabri etc and we deliver. We try to incorporate such flavours into the cakes very carefully without making it too sweet & by not changing the taste of sweets. 

Are there any pastries, or pastry chefs, that have impressed you completely?

Pinkle Sachdev:- Serdar Yener is a cake artist for over 40 years. I am a big fan of his work. He has his tutorials on his website, youtube channel and have courses too. Debbie Brown is also a well known highly respected & experienced cake decorator. Who runs workshops, cake decorating courses throughout the UK & abroad. Her work is always amazing. 

Cassie Brown is again a very well known cake artist. She runs a successful wedding cake business. She’s a multi-award winner in sugar flowers & international judge. So, these are some pastry chef who amaze me with their work!

Finally, Who are your top culinary influences?

Pinkle Sachdev:- First and foremost. Sanjeev Kapoor – I have grown up seeing him on television though I was not keen to cook at that age but still I used to love seeing him. He is the face of Indian cuisine. 

Another would be Gurcharan Kaur – my sister-in-law, because of her I developed the interest in the kitchen. The way she cooks food, I just love it. The taste of her food is always perfect & the speed, till date I can’t match her speed. As I mentioned earlier Vikas Khanna – I have become his fan after seeing his Masterchef series. He is the hottest chef I have seen. It’s my dream to meet him in person. 

Given a chance, what would you like to change about the bakery world?

Pinkle Sachdev:- One thing I would like to mention here in our baking world the way baker’s community pulls each other down, it’s sad. I believe in growing together. I always feel we should help each other in whatever manner/way we can. This helps in growing oneself too as a human being and a good Baker both.