Success story of a Girl Born with a Silver Spoon Avni Biyani.

Avni Biyani

HospiBuz Desk

Avni Biyani, a very popular name these days. Daughter of the retail king, the founder of Future Group, Kishore Biyani. Future Group has many stores under their name. Big Bazaar, fashion store chain fbb, small store chain Easyday, furniture retail chain HomeTown, Brand Factory, Food Bazaar Gourmet. These all belong to Future Group.

Ruias, the owner of Palladium Mall wanted a store to cater something better. They encouraged Kishore Biyani for this and Kishore Biyani realised that he needs to do something better than Food Bazar Gourmet.

Then in 2011, they opened their new store, Foodhall, a food superstore in Palladium Mall, Mumbai. Soon their daughter Avnai Biyani returned from New York University after completing her graduation and the store was handed over to her. Today they have seven outlets of Foodhall in cities including Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bengaluru and Gurugram.

Avni came up with a new perspective of New India and their new food and global cuisine. And today Foodhall is a one-stop shop for people who love exotic ingredients which are very difficult to get. They have each and every ingredient which are required for specialized cooking. They also realised that the customers are willing to pay a premium for these rare ingredients. Foodhall is somewhat an experimenting area for them. They take ideas from here and apply it for Big Bazaar and other small stores. She observes customers and helps them in getting their ingredients. They have kept a large variety of rare things in their speciality food store which includes from a gigantic range of Indian and Middle-Eastern spices to cheeses designated for specific cuisines, such as French Emmental and Roquefort to Italian Grana Padano, Bocconcini and goat cheese.

Not many customers are aware of every product they sell so they made Foodhall more of an experimenting area. They launched tasting counters in their stores. They wanted their customers to get a new experience every time they enter their store. They are also planning a new concept for their store in which a customer can purchase ingredients from the store and can handover them to the chef there so he can prepare a quick dish from that ingredient. Luxury is somewhere their idea behind their special food store. They don’t provide many deals as the other hypermarkets do.