Sugar Rush of 20-20


‘Sugar Rush’ is a wonderful name. What motivated you to keep
this name? How did you decide to be a baker? Share your experience.

Samiksha Samsukha: Had I discovered the passion for baking, I wouldn’t have reached this level.
From a small cupcake show to receiving chunks of cake orders. What adds on to it is, me having a sweet tooth.
Carrying the roots from the city of everything mishti, here I land up! Sugar rush!
The Journey has been surprisingly magical. Art of baking has always been a thought and I let it be till displayed a set of cupcakes to run my mom’s business stall in an exhibition to attract customers. It worked wonders! Really!
Soon then, Sugar Rush was born!

I think a lot of people kinda accidentally found their passion. It’s been 5 years and there isn’t anything that makes me happier.

How did you get the idea of making cookie monograms and 3d
cookie alphabets!? Do you design them and what was the best and most memorable moment and feedback you have received for them?

Samiksha Samsukha: Honestly, the monograms aren’t something I created, but I loved the idea and I created them in my own style, they have been pretty popular with me though and I have made over a 100 monograms. Everyone loves a little personalization and monogram happens to be one of them, say- cookie monogram, cupcake monogram or cake monograms, I have done it all. I do design them and some are inspirations from Pinterest. One very interesting project on monograms that I am working on is for a monthly celebration of a little girl, every month I do a different theme, based on the season or her likes and it’s pretty interesting.

Which dessert table designed by you has been your favourite and why? What do you keep in mind while designing the dessert table?

Samiksha Samsukha: Dessert tables are something that I have newly ventured into and I love. My favourite dessert table has to be “a baby is brewing” themed dessert table. The first reason why I loved working on it was that I had complete freedom to work on it, design-wise. Secondly, it was such a different and unusual baby shower themed party, so that was pretty exciting. Also, the entire set up was so beautiful and dreamy.
It was executed well. The things I keep in mind while designing: 1) Budget 2) Theme 3) Deciding on a colour scheme 4) Client’s requirements and specifications.

Please tell us the importance of correct and appropriate Nozzle and piping tools for proper cake decoration and which is your favourite Nozzle and piping tools brand?

Samiksha Samsukha: Honestly, with some designs I feel, any brand of the nozzle is ok, as a basic rosette. A WILTON nozzle and a NOOR nozzle are the same. But for other smaller flowers or petals, detailed flowers especially I prefer PME or WILTON. Simply because these brands have so much more variety and I haven’t seen my favourite nozzles in the local market at all. My favourite nozzles are WILTON 31, WILTON 116 L, WILTON 150, WILTON 79, and PME- JEM12 AND JEM104.

Tell us about your PYO cookies. From where did you discover this? What all have you painted in cookies till now?

Samiksha Samsukha: Sugar cookies are something that I ventured into 2 years back. It’s a more celebrated dessert outside India, especially in the US. Since these are fancy and Instagram friendly the demand has kinda gone up now. I have been wanting to try my hands on Paint your cookies for a while now but just didn’t happen to get the time. But ever since the dessert tables have started, I convinced a client and it’s just something that everybody loved.

What is the best thing about these overloaded cakes? On which occasions do you get the orders for cupcake bouquet?

Samiksha Samsukha: The best thing about the overload cakes has to be that it’s a design and concept mostly loved by all age groups. I try adding in all chocolates or truffles made from scratch by me, that way there is less plastic waste. Cupcake bouquets are a perfect gift and best suit small celebrations, say anniversary.

How important are baking cases and cups for fantastic and perfect cupcakes? Which is the brand from where you prefer to buy baking cases and cups?

Samiksha Samsukha: The most important thing to keep in mind when purchasing cupcake liners are :
1) The thickness of the paper (I prefer thick ones) 2) The size of the cupcake liner- should perfectly fit your mould. 3) Colour- I always prefer darker colour liners, they hide the oil/fat stains from your batter and my preference is always a brown liner or a foil liner. 4) If you ever buy the colourful ones always make sure the colour doesn’t bleed into your batter. I don’t really have a favourite brand for liners but I always end up picking up my liners from Arife.

What are those boucakepops that you made? Also, tell us about the pop pots and as a baker what different preparation is required to make a boucakepops as compared to cupcakes?

Samiksha Samsukha: Boucakepops is just a fancier version of cake pops. The idea is basically a bouquet of cake pops and that’s why the name ‘Boucakepops’, so this cluster of cake pops are pit inside a waffle cone. I came up with this for my Valentine’s Day special and its been a hit. They are good for 2 people. The POP-POTS, on the other hand, is for 4-5 people.

Tell us about your earliest innovation. Share the funniest baking a moment in your life.

Samiksha Samsukha: Currently, I am brainstorming on a lot of ideas around a zero-waste kitchen, even if not zero I want to minimise waste as much as possible. For the time being these are the things I follow: a) Cake scraps- making cake poos and giving them complimentary to the client or distributing it to the less fortunate. b) Extra icing – make truffles (since I work with only ganache) and garnishes for cakes. c) Using a silicon or cloth piping bag instead of the use and throw ones. 4) Using silpats instead of baking paper. 5) Making chocolates and garnishes for overload cakes from scratc, like I mentioned. 6) I make tiny piping bags out of the wrappers of chocolate slabs. 7) I do not use any fancy plastic cake boxes. Even if not completely, I feel happy about just being able to minimise waste and is definitely the need of the hour.