Sunday Brunch with Enoch Benny at Saints N Sinners


Gurgaon, Aug 2019: A foodie’s heaven and a musical retreat! What else do we need on a Sunday Afternoon? Join us for a delightful Sunday Brunch accompanied by the soulful music of Enoch Benny.

Enoch Benny is a musician who is sure to make you crave for more with his renditions, be it retro Hindi music or classic English melodies. He is known to establish a great rapport with the audience. He ensures that they go home happy & satisfied.

Date: August 18, 2019

Venue: Saints N Sinners , Gurgaon

Time: 12:00- 3:30 pm onwards

To know more and For Reservations Call: +91-9870286686

About Saints N Sinners:

The Grub Pub Music Hub of Gurgaon, Saints N Sinners is the perfect amalgamation of crafted music and global cuisine. A casual dining place serving the best of assorted gourmet delicacies and spirits and an aura that is based on the theme of English old time classics that take you down your memory lane every time a song gets played In short, nostalgia served with contemporary dining